25 Tweets About Marriage That Will Make You Belly Laugh


Marriage is a beautiful bond and a lifetime commitment between two loving people.

It’s also fodder for some killer comedy, as evidenced by these tweets from people you know must be married to come up with this stuff.

1. Oh, this isn’t a fast trip…

2. I do love this. A lot.

Photo Credit: Twitter,LizHackett

3. Because why not?

4. They’re fun!

5. Agreed.

Photo Credit: Twitter,ian_mendes

6. Ohhh baby… talk responsible to me…

Photo Credit: Twitter,petricksara

7. Hey, I’m STARVING!

8. Haha, sure….

Photo Credit: Twitter,Mr_Kapowski

9. I will never tell you this.

Photo Credit: Twitter,lhlodder

10. Well, that SHOULD count…

Photo Credit: Twitter,ValeeGrrl

11. *cough*

12. Isn’t every question rhetorical?

Photo Credit: Twitter,iwearaonesie

13. Truth.

Photo Credit: Twitter,workingmom86

14. No need to talk to anybody with the period supplies!

15. Says you!

Photo Credit: Twitter,wine_charmer

16. Perfection

17. She’s really trying you guys!

Photo Credit: Twitter,ashleyaustrew

18. Why can’t you just SHUT them?!?

Photo Credit: Twitter,junejuly12

19. Oh my my my… we got some fire here…

Photo Credit: Twitter,theunderfold

20. Get your own bed. I’m done.

Photo Credit: Twitter,six_pack_mom

21. Basically, every damn thing at once.

22. Define “A LOT”

Photo Credit: Twitter,MUMSIEesq

23. Sexy.

Photo Credit: Twitter,anniemumary

24. Important questions can’t wait

Photo Credit: Twitter,iwearaonesie

25. Yep! He’s a keeper!

Photo Credit: Twitter,angryraccoon2

(h/t: pleated-jeans)

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