26 Feel-Good Memes for Those Downer Days

Sometimes the world just really gets to you, you know? People are letting you down, work stinks, and it can seem like getting through yet another day just seems annoying and pointless.

Those are the kind of days when you need a reminder that there are reasons to feel good, and life really is worth hanging in there for – that’s where these happy memes come in.

We promise these 26 won’t make you feel anything but good.

26. Your parents knew what would happen all along.

And they weren’t going to stop it.

Grandparents are the best.
byu/hogshark inwholesomememes

25. All friends big and small.

And snails are actually really cute. If slimy.

Snails are friends too 🐌
byu/apocalypticalley inwholesomememes

24. I would like to cosign this so hard.

Read all of the books (that you want to).

List of Books to Read Before You’re Dead
byu/doofgeek401 inwholesomememes

23. A little politeness goes a long way.

But so does actually tipping your waiter with actual money.

Excessive politeness
byu/whens-lunch inwholesomememes

22. The purest of interactions.

Sweet little turtle friend.

The turtle is happy.
byu/MetalHead7989 inwholesomememes

21. If only everyone was this emotionally mature.

It takes a long time to get there for some people.

Learn and grow from everything
byu/emitremmus27 inwholesomememes

20. You’ve gotta know who you’re dating.

This is either a big win or a big loss.

This is how it should be
byu/Doctordoritos2 inwholesomememes

19. Professors are people, too.

Sometimes they’re the best people.

he is a nice person
byu/Nafizboy2 inwholesomememes

18. I would never have seen that in my noodles.

Now I can’t unsee it, of course.

It’s so addicting
byu/Thorstenmiller inwholesomememes

17. Goth kids are the best kids.

You’ve gotta just look past the clothes.

Dark makeup, golden hearts
byu/lion_OBrian inwholesomememes

16. How can this not make you smile.

It’s impossible.

Just seeing these two together make me happy
byu/Litluke227 inwholesomememes

15. Grandparents are always proud of you.

That’s like, their job.

Took me to Olive Garden afterwards
byu/STOP____HAMMER_TIME inwholesomememes

14. More of this, please.

My heart just exploded.

The kind of news we need
byu/throwramblings inwholesomememes

13. That is the cutest bee I’ve ever seen.

I still wouldn’t hold it, though.

Has a bee ever landed on you ?…
byu/Elitetimeline7 inwholesomememes

12. A sign of a healthy relationship.

In the modern world, at any rate.

My wife does this all the time
byu/Half_Baked_420 inwholesomememes

11. It’s not exactly useful.

But it IS adorable.

Grandma rocks
byu/gonnabeyourbebe inwholesomememes

10. This is always so awkward.

But oh-so-necessary.

Lucky for my mom dad and frens
byu/imoknoimnot inwholesomememes

9. People like this understand what life is like.

We need more of them in the world.

He deserves it.
by inwholesomememes

8. The best moment.

This is one smart kitty!

here kitty kitty
byu/ThrwAwy170 inwholesomememes

7. Cat people unite!

If you know, you know.

It doesn’t happen very often
byu/Captain_Jorik inwholesomememes

6. Talking to little humans is great.

You can make up both sides of the conversation!

Sup little person?
byu/thedelightfuldill inwholesomememes

5. Gotta give those kids their positive reinforcement.

They worked really hard on that!

It’s belly-rubbing delicious!
byu/KMac243 inwholesomememes

4. It makes everyone happy.

There’s no other possible way.

Does this make you happy too?
byu/Veij0 inwholesomememes

3. Some people are rolling their eyes.

Some people are saying #relationshipgoals

Wholesome dino couple:)
byu/Max_The_Greatest inwholesomememes

2. You’ve got some deep pockets, kid.

Maybe you should thank your parents!

When I was a kid I honestly thought PBS was thanking me for watching
byu/SNIHON inwholesomememes

1. If you feed them, they will come.

But only after a few weeks, because they’re birds.

Only took ’em 3 weeks
byu/NotReallyABiologist inwholesomememes

Ahhh, I’m feeling downright optimistic!

Tell us in the comments which did the trick for you!