26 Guys Who Married Bridezillas Talk About What Happened After They Tied the Knot

To all the guys out there: if you married a Bridezilla, we feel for you

Because we know that you probably went through HELL and maybe you’re still in the thick of it.

We love to hear these kinds of behind-the-scenes, drama-filled tales and we’re about to get a heaping helping!

AskReddit users who married Bridezillas talk about what life was like after the wedding.

1. Ugh…sorry.

“She cheated whole time.

Then left for an alcoholic guy who had more money.”

2. Sounds horrible.

“Got into a huge fight about broccoli on the honeymoon.

It was all my fault, of course. I knew then it was a mistake.

I toughed it out for two more years of abuse before I left. So glad that I did.”

3. Don’t miss it.

“Divorce after 2 years, she moved her stuff out while I was at work. I cried and then when I got remarried to someone new, I realized what real love was.

Also, my ex sh*t herself on 5 separate occasions when she was black out drunk because she was an alcoholic. So I don’t miss that either.”

4. Feeling the pressure.

“My gf of 10 years is VERY down-to-earth and level headed.

We finally decided to get married later this year for a few reasons, and she’s feeling a lot of phantom pressure to do things a certain way. It’s not like there is an overbearing mom or catty friends applying pressure or expectations. It’s just the whole idea is overwhelming and filled to the brim with opportunities to make a decision you might end up regretting later (or forver).

I’ve taken a more active role in narrowing down options instead of asking her to pick a perfect solution out of 5,000,000 possible options. It’s helped somewhat, but there is still a lot of pressure on her (seemingly out of no-where) to make a series of decisions that all depend upon the first few BIG decisions that are weighing heavily on her/us.

All this to say… I can see how this kind of stuff could turn a normal woman into a lunatic. These types of events tend to bring latent family and friend drama to the forefront, and emotions are high before sh*t even really gets started.

My guess is that a lot of the Bridezillas were actually lovely people who calmed down and returned to being lovely people after the stress of the wedding stuff is removed.”

5. Here to stay.

“Been married 14 years.

She’s definitely a pain in the *ss sometimes but so is everyone else. I’m also pretty laid back so a lot of decisions I leave to her because I just don’t care. If it’s a decision I do care about, I make the decision.

Without her, I wouldn’t have the 3 best kids on earth. She’s an amazing mom and our kids have our best qualities. We have fun all the time.

I think she was a bridezilla not because she was a crazy person, it was more about making the moment right for everyone and making it a great memory. She had a relatively rough life with her parents and there weren’t a ton of great memories. I notice she goes waaaaay out of her way to make great memories for the kids as she’s always planning stuff for us to do with them.

I’m gonna keep her.”

6. DONE.


My Army buddies said they could see it coming, I am easy going, enjoy almost everything, and she was upset after what looked like a perfect wedding.

She later said she wanted a smaller wedding. I don’t talk to her or read emails and texts from her. Full of anger and spite, and I tell her so usually in a reply.

Last year her tax return was deposited in my bank account, and I contacted her to ask for account details so I could transfer it to her. I got a three page email about how if I spent anything she would have lawyers go after me.

So I mailed a check to her, the slowest way possible.”

7. Well, this is different.

“I ended a friendship with a Bridezilla who desperately wanted me to attend her wedding.

She had it scheduled for the weekend of the eclipse in 2017. Something I had planned for 10 years. She asked me what my plan was and I said that I’m flying to the Missouri / Kentucky area. She wanted me to fly to Idaho where she lived.

I would’ve but all flights, hotels, and rental cars in Idaho and Utah were completely booked out. I couldn’t get there even if I wanted to. She said I didn’t care about her or her wedding and that I didn’t want to see her on her big day.

She claimed I put the eclipse (something I had planned on seeing for 10 ten years) before her lenny (someone I knew for six months. So I ended things really fast after that.

But from what I see, she still posts photos of her wedding to this day. Like every day she posts different wedding photos. It’s almost like she stopped living after her wedding.”

8. How about a Groomzilla?

“Married a groomzilla.

We are talking costume changes between wedding and reception, yelling at the wedding planner, drag-out-all-night fights about whether we can add fruit kabobs so people would maybe get enough to eat, all that.

There was zero compromise; he made a lot of promises for things I had been wanting after the wedding and they never materialized, like a beach vacation and such.

Turns out, no compromise at the wedding meant no compromise anywhere else, so I left him after four years of marriage.

Best decision ever!!!”

9. Your poor brother.

“My brother married a bridezilla.

She yelled at my mother the day of for asking her where she wanted certain decorations at the reception site (there wasn’t a written plan so my mom had nothing to go off of). Never thanked my parents for financially contributing to the wedding. Accused a bridesmaid of trying to upstage her by getting a spray tan before the wedding.

My brother wanted me to be in the wedding party but she told him to his face that I was too pretty to be in the wedding party and all of her bridesmaids had to be less attractive than her.

Stole my SIL jacket in the middle of the reception-literally took it off her back- because one of the bridesmaids was cold (it was a night reception in the spring, the girl should’ve brought a jacket). The list goes on. Well they got divorced about a year later because apparently her demanding attitude carried over into the marriage.

Needless to say, the rest of my family had a little party when we heard about the divorce.”

10. Dodged a bullet.

“My cousin was married to one.

He comes from a very not wealthy area, and has become successful himself after moving out of his hometown. His wife was extremely wealthy, even could say excessively. They married after a year of knowing each other, and boy was it a surprise to hear about the wedding plans. They spent +250K on the wedding, including catering by 5-7 different restaurants.

Their food was from different cultures and cooked in front of you (think almost hibachi buffet style). They even had servers in tailed suits and white gloves serving taco bell after midnight once everyone was drunk. Once they got married, she was spending more money than he could make.

She was getting mad because he wasn’t making enough, while she wasn’t working and they hadn’t had kids. They got divorced, and she gave him the ultimatum of getting his ring back or keeping the dog. He kept the dog.

Her sister, a lawyer, helped her file a restraining order on him and they haven’t spoken since. F*ck her, but man did he dodge a bullet.”

11. Only wanted the wedding.

“First wife was a Bridezilla.

During the honeymoon she realized she was married and the wedding day was history. She wanted the big wedding, which she had, not the marriage. The next two years were hell until she finally tapped out.

I was young and stupid and the thought of divorce never crossed my mind. I don’t know why it didn’t. I guess I just assumed I’d be miserable the rest of my life. When she told me she was leaving it felt as if the weight of the world was off of my shoulders.

On a happy note her parents were still paying off the wedding when we divorced. That’s what happens when you allow your daughter everything she wanted….including 2 wedding dresses.”

12. She left me…

“She left me three months later.

After the wedding and vacation was over I told her we need to pay the debt we just accumulated. She said she didn’t have much on her credit card and could pay it off in a couple of months if I picked up some of her bills. I agreed and three months later she had her credit card paid off she told me she wanted a divorce.

We had a budget for the wedding and should have had no debt at the end but in the last few weeks before the wedding she suddenly had to spend a ton of money on wedding sh*t I had never even heard of before. And when I say she spent a ton of money it came out of my pocket.”

13. Best decision ever.

“Married for seven years before I bailed, best decision of my life.

Got married again 5 years later to a girl that just wanted a justice of the peace wedding, second best decision of my life.”

14. Devil’s triangle.

“Married a bridezilla. In the 18 months we were married, she was such an unfit mother (too many instances to list here), that when the divorce was finalized, I got custody of our kid AND the kid she had prior to our marriage.

Also, she was a blackout drunk and cheated on me with several different men. Final straw was when I had to travel out of state to check on my grandmother. I came back a day early, saw used Marlboros in the ashtray – not her brand – I don’t smoke – and then I heard grunting and groaning in the bedroom.

Yep, there she was. And there he was. And there HE was. Devil’s Triangle. Contacted a divorce lawyer the next day, finalized it as fast as possible.”

15. Oh my…

“First marriage was to a bridezilla.

Got drunk before the ceremony, wouldn’t dance because she was “too anxious people would make fun of her”, tried bragging to my cousins during the dinner that our wedding was better than theirs (four of us got married in a two year span), invited her “ex” BF to the ceremony, that I later found out she had been sleeping with both before and after our wedding, took the money we had received as gifts and were planning on using for a house down payment and spent it on random cr*p, had a ton of debt she kept from me…

Left her a year after to the day and never looked back. Now happily married to a great woman. Obviously hindsight yadda yadda, but there were a lot of red flags I should have noticed

Big things after the wedding, spent money more quickly than she could make it. I ended up having to take on a second job, already worked 50+ a week, just to cover bills. She got into drugs and stopped going to work. Would go visit her “friends” in the evenings, found out later on she was going to her BFs. Final straw was when I found out what she was doing with the money.

I didn’t know at first she was into drugs. Online payments of bills weren’t as popular when we were married so I would give her the money to go pay some during banking hours. One day got pulled over and charged with no insurance on my vehicle. Turns out she was taking the money for bills and buying drugs.

When the notices for no payment would come in the mail she would hide them or rip them up. Handed her separation papers on our one year anniversary.”

16. That didn’t take long.

“Told me she regretted marrying me a day after our wedding because it wasn’t exactly how she wanted it to be.

Told me she was going to have an affair on my birthday. When I had a few friends die in short period of time she told me to get over it because life goes on.

Then filed divorce because apparently I never loved or cared about her and said she wants nothing to do with me. Among other things but that’s the gist of it.”

17. Cheated on.

“Our wedding was probably in the $20k plus range. She is very much a person that wants to appear like everything is going great, wants to hear about your gossip, but doesn’t open up about herself.

She cheated on me after less than 3 years of marriage. She seemed repentant and appeared to try. We had a couple kids (that look just like me, thank goodness) and cheated on me again. I divorced her which she is still furious about.

I’m now happily married again to a woman who loves me and treats me well. Honestly, didn’t know love could feel this good or that I was worth this much.”

18. It worked out.

“We had a rough marriage for a few years, then she started getting treatment for mental health issues that she had.

We both do some thearpy and now we are really good together and have a lovely family.”

19. Short and sweet.

“We got it annulled.

And that’s the only amount of time I want to waste discussing it.”

20. Wild stuff.

“Married for 4 years, together for 10.

Found out this year she cheated on me for 2 years with one of my best friends.

Left for another dude who’s now in prison and she’s “saving herself” for him. Wild.”

21. There are Groomzillas, too.

“I married a Groomzilla.

After we were hitched he acted like he owned me. Wouldn’t let me use the debit card even though we both deposited into it “because he made most of the money.” Like I couldn’t even buy McDs between jobs!.

He even got jealous when I went out to eat with my MOM without him… Lasted 6 months.”

22. Glad it’s over.

“I married a bridezilla (I photographed weddings too so I should have known better), but she was hot so I guess I was in love right?

After 10 years of extremely passive aggressive behavior and trying to control EVERYTHING I had enough. For four years she threatened divorce as a way to “adjust” my behavior. Finally I had enough and filed for divorce myself.

I grew up extremely conservative and have been shunned by many people in my life, but I’m so happy now. She gets half my money and makes it difficult to see my kids, but I no longer have to feel bad about the small things in life.

I feel like I have a lot of things to say to people that feel trapped in a bad marriage because of tradition. It makes me so sad.”

23. There you go!

“Happily divorced after 4 years and now I’m gay!”

24. It won’t get better.

“Quick version: after the wedding the s*x dried up.

It went from a few times a week to a few times a month to a few times a year in the first 5 years. She stopped cooking, cleaning and quit her job in the same time period. We had a daughter. She barely paid attention to her. Her mother came over when I was at work and as soon as I got home it was my turn.

Fast forward 10 years. She tells me she wants a divorce. Shortly thereafter I find out she’s banging the contractor I hired to work on the house. Later I find out she had been cheating for almost the entire marriage. We get divorced. She refuses to move out because she will have to get a job.

If she’s a bridezilla, run away. It doesn’t magically get better.”

25. Broke it off.

“Ex-fiancee was super normal until we got engaged.

She went from small simple wedding with less than 100 guests to grand hall and wanting to invite everyone she ever exchanged more than three words with. She wanted to import flowers. Made no sense. The final straw was when she scheduled an appointment with a real estate agent to SELL MY HOUSE to pay for the wedding.

Also, her family was loaded but wasn’t going to contribute anything. Broke it off. She got engaged again 1 yr later to an attorney and didn’t read the prenup before signing. They got married and divorced 1 month later. She got nothing and is still alone.”

26. A horror story.

“The wedding from Hell was swiftly followed by a decline into the deepest valley.

That was followed by an incline into sick of being lied to and cheated on to sweet, sweet divorce.

Then you just wonder where the last decade went.”

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