26 People Share Uses for Common Products That You Might Not Be Aware Of

I never realized until the last year how many different uses gasoline has.

I mean, besides putting it in my car and making it drive…but I’m assuming you already know about that…

The point is, that a lot of products we use can be used for all kinds of different stuff.

What are some uses and features of common products that a lot of people don’t know about?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. I had no idea!

“There’s a part at the end of a stapler where you can reverse so the staples bend out instead of in.

It’s a less permanent stapling that is easier to remove by hand.”

2. Take that thing off.

“Oven doors come off.

Just open till the first stop and pull straight up.

I don’t know how many people i’ve seen stretching to clean the back.”

3. Shortcuts.

“YouTube hotkeys

K – toggles pause/play on the video no matter where you last clicked on the page (except the URL bar)

The buttons to either side of it, J and L, skip forward or back by 10 seconds.

The arrow keys skip forward and back by 5 seconds.

The number keys skip you to whichever tenth of the video they correspond to (“0″ to go to the start)

M is mute, and C toggles the captions.”

4. Okay!

“Rubbing alcohol kills bed bugs.

Actually it kills most spiders and bugs, dries fast too so you don’t have to worry about a pet or kid getting sick.”

5. Use it or lose it.

“There are push in tabs on most aluminum foil and plastic wrap boxes to keep the roll from falling out.”

6. You never know…

“If you get kidnapped and stuffed in the trunk of a modern car, there is an emergency trunk release lever to help you escape.”

7. Ahhhh…

“The swtch on your car’s rear view mirror is to toggle between day/night-time driving.

It’s meant to dim the glare of headlights behind you.”

8. The more you know…

“Coffee cup lids have that small hole at the back to avoid you creating a vacumm when you take a sip.

It allows the air to flow and stops you getting a big glug of hot coffee down your front.

I always make sure the hole is open and not melted shut and people are often confused why I do it.”

9. That’s helpful.

“Baking soda is really good at removing baked on grease and soap scum.”

10. What?!?!

“When you are writing in Microsoft word or Outlook and accidentally leave caps lock on, select the text and press Shift F3.

It will change the text between upper and lower case, and there’s a third option to make the first letter of each word upper case too.

Always seems to blow peoples minds when I tell them.”

11. Be careful with that.

“With many car key remotes, you can make all the windows go down at once by pushing the “unlock” button 3 times.

I learned this the hard way, sat on my keys, all my windows and sunroof openned in the middle of a snowstorm.”

12. Use it!

“GoJo hand cleaner (the white gelatinous goop mechanics use) is a great for removing oily/greasy stains from clothes.

Rub it in with a retired toothbrush before you toss it in the washer. I’ve found it works a little better than dish soap.”

13. A lot of people don’t know this.

“Most ceiling fans have a switch to reverse direction of the blades.

Set to clockwise at low speed in winter for an updraft that redistributes warmed air at the ceiling downward.

Then switch to counter-clockwise at higher speed in summer to create a cooling downdraft.”

14. Free air!

“Most gas station coin operated air compressors have a button on the back.

Press this button three times and the pump starts automatically.”

15. Good one!

“Baby onesies have the overlap at the shoulders so you can pull it down the kids and off if they have a diaper blow out.

So much better than trying to get a sh*t covered onesie over their head.

I’m so annoyed that I found out about this after I was done with the baby stage.”

16. Warm it up!

“There’s sometimes a “warming” drawer underneath some ovens. Looks like a regular cabinet/skirting that people overlook.

Obviously depends on what kind of oven and where it’s positioned, but is quite common in UK households, especially with smaller kitchens.”

17. Perfect portions.

“Most spaghetti forks (that funky utensil you use to pick up cooked spaghetti) have one large round hole in the center.

Aside from helping it drain, it is also sized to be exactly one serving of uncooked spaghetti.”

18. Very handy!

“Find parking function on Google Maps.

When you park in a stadium or airport parking lot or a city you unfamiliar with: Open Google Maps, hit bullseye (location) then the blue dot.

Pinpoints location and gives option to add notes for garage level etc.”

19. Make your life a little easier.

“Many dustpans for brooms have a jagged section for scraping clumps of hair off the broom bristles.

I didn’t know this for the longest time but since I figured it out it’s made sweeping up all the fur in the house much easier!”

20. Saves time!

“Vegetable peelers work in both directions.

Most of the time you don’t have to lift them up, you can just go all the way back and keep peeling.”

21. Brilliant!

“Soda cans.

The tab can be turned around and used to hold a straw in place after popping open the can.”

22. For foggy driving.

“If your vehicle has fog lights, (those lights on the bottom of your bumper), those lights are meant for driving in fog.

A simple experiment, go out at night, stop your car, turn your low beams on, fog lights off, see where your eyes are drawn to. Now, turn your fog lights on, and watch your eyes get drawn to a point closer to your vehicle. You can actually see less when you have your fog lights on, when it isn’t foggy.

I think vehicles shouldn’t even have fog lights, because the majority of people don’t seem to understand them.”

23. Booyah!

“You can lift the silverware basket OUT of the dishwasher to put away your utensils or make more space if you don’t have utensils to wash that round.”

24. Just in case.

“Your seatbelt buckle is designed to break your car window if and when underwater or trapped in the vehicle.”

25. Find the leak.

“If you think you have a leak in your house, shut off everything inside. Even the washer.

Go outside to your water meter. All water meters have a spinning shape that signifies when water is going through.

So if everything is shut off in the house and the shape is spinning you have a leak.”

26. And then there’s this…

“If you put a toothbrush to the the top of your vibrator, it’s a free vibrating toothbrush.”

Do you know about any cool uses or features for products?

If so, please tell us about them in the comments.

Thanks a lot!