26 People Share What Victory Tastes Like To Them

We all have different experiences in life. Different backgrounds, different ways of looking at things, and sure, different ways to determine what’s a win and what’s a loss.

If you’re curious how your idea of victory stacks up to other people’s, these 26 folks are describing what victory tastes like to them.

26. What a great description.

It feels like a very powerful wave of strong emotions going around you and through you. You feel lighter, adrenaline wears off from the peak, you start to calm down, tiredness hits you, and your mind feels quiet and at peace.

This is from some extremely powerful events I’ve had happen to me personally.

25. There’s really no better feeling.

Sliding into your bed sheets after a long day and laying down.

*and having the next day off

24. Those are the best kinds of days.

Finishing my ToDo-list.

23. So many take this for granted.

Finding things that trigger lost memories and give me some of my old self back.

Lost large chunks of memory to seizures, discovered something that triggered memories from a happy time this week. I’m still riding that high

22. Sleep is the best, I swear.

Getting a good night’s sleep after a long battle.

21. Food can be fickle.

Sometime’s its like the first bite of your favorite food but sometimes its just like nothing happened.

20. Kids happy in general.

Seeing my adult children happy.

19. The last one standing.

Relief. I don’t win, so much as I outlast things. So far…

Often it pays to be the last one standing

except in a sitting competition

18. So say we all.


17. Stay until it’s done.

One of the smartest people I ever met once told me that all you need to do well in life is to show up on time and stay till it’s done.

I’m a 32 year old college drop out. In college I didn’t show up. After dropping out I quickly realized I’d need money if I wanted to sleep inside.

I’ve been showing up every since. I’ve worked as a dishwasher, a cook, a busser, a waiter, and a bartender. For each of those jobs all I had to do was be reliable and coachable. I was taught new skills by people who knew more than me, I was offered (and demanded) more money for the increasing responsibilities of my new jobs. And at 32 I have run more than one successful restaurant and am confident that my influence and leadership would have a positive impact on any restaurant anywhere.

I know that my story isn’t one of massive success and vast wealth, but remember: all I did was show up.

What I mean is, outlasting the bad will pay off over time. Keep showing up!

16. Such a great feeling!

Not having to set an alarm for the following morning.

15. Some of us are long-suffering.

I honestly don’t know. I’m a Jacksonville Jaguars fan.

14. You have to get used to the taste.

Blood of virgins.

13. You’ve gotta celebrate the milestones.

Chocolate chip and banana pancakes.

Celebrated a year sober with that deliciousness.

12. The Viking has entered the chat.

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

11. Revel in it.

Tears of your enemies.

10. Not a fairy tale.

Losing over 65 pounds and getting a hot and soulful gf. True story.

Just so everybody knows, my story isn’t one of those fairy tales with a happy ending. We broke up after a while and sure, it was hard to handle in the beginning. But that’s what life is all about, numerous of ups and downs.

Many things are just out of your control and sometimes you just gotta let go, even those you love the most. One thing I’m sure of, the memories and feelings that she gave to me, made me stronger.

IMO, this is a huge victory, besides of learning to love myself again!

9. Ice cream is always the right answer.

The same as defeat — it tastes like ice cream.

8. I always get those things mixed up.

A little bit like bitter almonds and a headache. Wait, that’s cyanide, I’m thinking about cyanide.

7. That’s a core memory right there.

Dairy Queen. We’d go there after winning ball games.

For me it was having a chocolate frosty with hot fries to dip at Wendy’s coming home from away games.

6. It can be a long time coming.

Haven’t tasted it yet.

5. Any pancakes, really.

Blueberry pancakes. The sweetest of victories.

4. I’ll take any excuse to have sushi.


3. That first sip of coffee.

5am espresso with the kid still asleep and having slept through the night.

2. How mature!

The ability to look back without bitterness and to see horrible experiences as learning curves.

1. Take a deep breath.

Napalm in the morning.

If I say this beach is safe to surf then this beach is safe to surf.

I think it’s so fun and interesting to get a look behind the curtains of other people’s minds, don’t you?

If you’re so inclined, let us know in the comments what victory looks like to you!