27 People Share Their Cringe “Meeting the Dad” Stories

It’s usually never fun to meet a girl’s father for the first time, no matter how old you are.

That awkwardness is there whether you’re 16 or 35.

Luckily, I’ve never had any terrible experiences in that department, but plenty of people out there have.

You better believe it!

Let’s take a look at what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. So dumb.

“I had a Filipino girlfriend in college.

Decided to meet the parents. I drove around 3 hrs to meet them, and even brought flowers and stuff, when for the first time in their life, they decide to practice a tradition of “rejecting the bf 3 times before accepting him.”

The point is that if you REALLY want their daughter, you’ll try as many times as it takes, and since they had never done it before, my gf didn’t think about warning me. I was pretty annoyed when they tossed my flowers right into the garbage.”

2. That’s pretty random.

“My family owned an auto service station which I worked at while in high school. One day we have a gentleman come in and ask for brake fluid- we will call him John. John buy the brake fluid and leaves.

A month or so later we get a letter from his attorney seeking damages because we supposedly put brake fluid in his transmission. Our lawyer wrote their lawyer and that’s the last we heard.

We were a full service station and I would pump gas for people, check their fluid levels, add fluids if necessary etc. we had a woman who came by a couple times a month – Mary. One day Mary comes through and I added a quart of oil to her car, an older Mercedes.

She comes back through that evening with oil all over the front of the car and accuses me of not replacing the oil filler cap, which I couldn’t deny. Might have very well done that. I took my beating on it, cleaned the car listened to her threaten my family, etc. sometimes you learn the hard way.

About a year after both of these incidents, I meet a girl at a friends house. We start talking and set up a date. I pull up in her drive way – that green Mercedes looks familiar. Real familiar. I go to the door and the girl greets me. I walk into the living room and there’s Mary watching tv. I look over at her dad and he looks up from a magazine. It’s John. Well sh*t….

I went blank there for a min. I think I said hi and exchanged small talk. I’m not absolutely certain, I only know that I wanted to leave. I dated this girl for a few months and her parents were civil. The incidents above never came up.”

3. He’s got a knife!

“Was invited over to watch Pride and Prejudice with a girl I liked. (Why that movie? idfk) We were about 19. She stayed with her dad.

Met dad and he did typical dad things. Fast forward a few hours and we are in the dark living room on the couch watching the movie. Her legs were on my lap and I was rubbing them when I see a glint to my left by the hallway.

Her dad is standing in his boxers holding a big kitchen knife. “Everything alright in there Jen?” “yeah dad” She didn’t even see him and never believed me when I told her what happened.”

4. The worst kind.

“Sitting on the couch with my Jewish now ex-wife’s dad the first night I met the parents when I heard her mother from the kitchen:

“Not only is he CATHOLIC…. he’s IRISH…. those are the WORST KIND!”

That was fairly awkward.”


“In high school a girl and I were making full use of the living room since her parents were gone for the day.

At one point we’re laying naked on the couch between rounds and we hear the door open so we throw a big blanket over ourselves.

In walks her dad who greeted us and proceeded to watch the movie we had on as background noise with us for another hour while we’re naked under a blanket on the other couch.”

6. Hello, sir…

“Showed up at her house unexpectedly at 11 pm. He was in bed.

Once I was let in by her brother, he went and woke dad up to meet me. 2/10 experience.

Don’t wake a 250 lb Puerto Rican as a first meeting while dating his youngest daughter.”

7. Put you to work.

“The dad was an ex-Army Ranger.

He made me do yard work while the girl stayed inside. He started a fire to burn trimmed tree branches and started the “so you like my daughter” speech.

That was fun.”

8. Sounds like a hoot.

“Girl’s father was in a wheel chair, but was built very well. He obviously lifted as much as he could from his confines. Girlfriend warned me he previously tried to break a guy’s hand upon meeting him and shaking his hand.

So, I went to meet him. He stuck his hand out to shake mine. I didn’t hesitate; I shook his hand. He looked at his daughter as if to say “if you weren’t here, I’d totally snatch his hand off his wrist.”

Then he started giving me “the talk” about dating his daughter. He ended it with telling me about his .45 in a shelf.

I really, really wanted to answer with “this shelf, right next to me, but across the room from you?” but I decided against it.

Apparently while we were out, her parents ransacked her bedroom and found our notes that we had written back and forth. I wrote words like “sh*t” and “*ss,” so they forbade her from seeing me again.”

9. Be careful.

“The dad was a huge guy probably 6’5″ at least and super ripped.

When I first met him he was wearing no shirt and basketball shorts. He introduced himself as the leader of the local Hell’s Angel’s chapter and said if any one in town starts anything with you guys tell them you are with me. He was actually a nice guy most of the time unless he was drunk.

I’ve heard stories before meeting him so when I saw him it was scary. He actually was really nice and made everyone spaghetti for dinner.”

10. Confessions of a teenage dweeb.

“As a teenage dweeb, I dated this very sweet girl during my senior year of high school for a few months.

She finally asked me over to have dinner at her family’s house to kinda show the family that we’re taking our relationship seriously. I had never met her parents before nor had I even done a “meet the parents” before, so I was a little freaked out about how the introduction would go.

We head over together to her house that evening and walk into the kitchen. Her mom greets us and seems delighted to meet me, which puts me in a good mood. Then she runs upstairs to grab her dad, who I can hear moaning and groaning about coming down.

I didn’t make out all of what they said, but I heard him distinctly say “I’m not introducing myself to a 17 year old dipsh*t who thinks he can touch my daughter”. Oof, okay. My girlfriend and I awkwardly stand around pretending we’re not hearing this stuff, when we hear a “Fine!” and the parents both walk back down the stairs.

Her dad totally reluctantly, in this over-the-top way extends his hand and says “You’re nervous?”. Literally just as I reach my hand out to say yes, I get a nosebleed. He stands there for a moment, mutters “yup” and walks straight out the back door to his woodshop, where he stayed for the rest of the night.

F*ck that over-dramatic *sshole, I didn’t even do anything wrong yet.”

11. Stay out of the trash!

“The first time I was at my (now ex-)gf’s place, we each took a piece of fruit when she showed me around.

When I finished my banana, I went to throw it away downstairs. Their garbage can was below the sink, so I bent down, and it made quite some noise when I opened it.

From the other side of the room comes an angry “Hey hey! What do you think you’re doing there?!”

As I stand up again I look into an angry dad and stumble “Uh … just throwing away my banana … ”

Then he starts laughing “Oh, haha, I thought it was the dog going through the thrash, I couldn’t see you”.

They made fun of that for a long time.”

12. Oh, boy…

“Had a massive sh*t on hold. We didn’t know he was home.

So we got in and I dashed to the toilet. Ten minutes later I had destroyed and quarantined the bathroom. When I went out he sees me and comes to greet. I tried to close the door to lock the odor in but I failed.

The smell was really bad. I saw his right eye tear up a little.”

13. You’ve been sneaking in, haven’t you?

“When you’re meeting the dad for the first time, but the dog comes up to you and is super friendly because he already knows you…


14. Get outta there!

“I had been dating this girl for about 3-4 months and it was time to meet her family. We made arrangements and went over for dinner.

He was nothing short of a f*cking PRISONER; I still refer to him as the Prisoner.

The entire night he barely spoke, and when he did it was only after being directly prompted by his wife or daughters, and it was always one-word answers.

The entire dinner was them making jokes at his expense, making fun of him while simultaneously spilling the beans on intimate, personal details of his life.

His wife treated him with absolute contempt and disdain, which was translated into how his daughters treated him as well. The only living thing in that house that had any affection for him was the cat.

This man spent 30 years working his *ss off as a civil engineer to raise a family (his wife never worked a day in her life, before or after him). He put two daughters through college, paid their f*cking rent, on top of paying for their cars and basically everything else.

And they treated him like a malfunctioning robot butler.

His eyes were completely dead, like a lion who’s been in the zoo too long. It scared the f*cking sh*t out of me, so I broke up with her about a week later. It was like a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future.”

15. He came around.

“The first time I met my GF’s dad I tried to shake his hand and introduce myself all serious and respectful like, he grabbed my hand and half-shook it without even ONCE looking at me. I thought he was the world’s biggest d*ck.

6 years later I’m engaged to his daughter and he and I are pretty d*mn close. He’s paying for me to go to Disney World next year with him and his family for his older kid’s wedding.”

16. Amazing.

“In 2005 I took a train to Connecticut to meet my college girlfriend’s family.

She picked me up from the train station and when we got to the house, I had to pee really bad. (Trip from philly to Hartford was like 4 hours) so I figured I’d run to the potty before I would meet the family.

She told me to use the bathroom upstairs bc they were renovating the downstairs one. Open the door: there’s her dad po*ping.”

17. Intimidation.

“When my husband met my father, we’d been invited to drink at a bar in my hometown. I knew what my father was planning so I tried to stick close to hubby most of the night.

What I didn’t know was that my cousins (all +30 years of age) were also there and had been told by my father that I’d brought along my boyfriend. My mother facilitated it by asking him to get her a drink at the bar while I was in the loo.

He was swiftly pulled aside and bullied by four – yes, FOUR – of my male family members. They threatened to break his spine and both legs if they saw something they didn’t like.”

18. He wasn’t joking.

“Me: Normal white guy Her: Super attractive black chick

After a few weeks of dating she invited me to her house for dinner, to meet her parents. Her Mom and brother were really awesome. Her Dad, though, essentially put me in a corner and started going off on me about how I’m some white boy that’s only with his daughter so I could put another “notch in my belt” and that us white boys only like banging black chicks for bragging rights.

Everybody, myself included, thought he was just joking at first, but soon their mouths were hanging open and it was pretty apparent that they were super embarrassed. This went on for about ten minutes.

At the time I was running a gun range, so his family stopped him when he said “I bet you just sit at home waiting for some n*gger to break in, just so you can shoot him.”

It was all so odd. Completely unprovoked. He was the only *sshole out of an entire family that had been one of the coolest I’ve met. Our relationship dive bombed after that.”

19. Oh…great…

“When I first met my SO’s parents, her dad was outside working on his garden. I walked by and said, “Hey, how are the tomatoes coming along?”

He said, “They’re all dead.”

It traumatized me for awhile but now we get along fantastically. My SO and I still joke about that though.”

20. What a lowlife.

“Her family was having a party. This was a party with a bunch of “rednecks”, for lack of a better word.

I was 16 or 17 at the time so I wasn’t drinking, but all the adults there were nice and toasted. There were like 8 puppies running around us. Her dad pulls out a gun and starts showing it off. A few minutes later he’s talking all sweet to this puppy and gets it to run towards him. As it is running towards him he shoots the puppy in the head.

I immediately start flipping out on this guy and cussing him out. If he wasn’t holding a gun I don’t know what I would do. So I get in my car and I tell my girlfriend I’m too pissed/sad to be around anybody. I called the sheriff and told them the story.

They said they couldn’t do anything about it because we were on private property. Then I tell them they are wasted and shooting guns. He ended up going to jail that night. A few days later he tells me I can’t date his daughter anymore and it was my fault he went to jail.

A few years ago this piece of sh*t died from lung cancer. It’s been 10 years and it still hurts to think about that puppy.”

21. Who are you?

“My ex’s dad was staying in a mental hospital when I started dating her. Which meant we had the house to ourselves because the mother wasn’t around.

So one night after s*x, I went downstairs to the kitchen for a snack. When suddenly, this fat naked man asks me who the hell I am and why I’m naked in his kitchen.

Turns out he was the dad. He’d been discharged from the hospital, came home all quiet like, somehow got in without either of us hearing it, and wanted a quick naked snack.

We shook awkward hands, made fun of each other’s fat bellies and went on with our lives.”

22. How it goes down in Finland.

“I have been dating this girl for nearly a year now, she is Finnish and when I visited for Christmas last year the whole family celebrates the day before, I arrived on the 23rd.

It’s traditional for Finnish family’s to have a sauna before the meal, so the women go first and then start to prepare the meal once they come out, once out the males then sit in the sauna till the meal is ready.

If you don’t know anything about Finnish saunas it’s normal for everyone to be naked (I’m sure you can guess where this is going) and girlfriend asks across the room if I’m fine with being naked and before I can reply her dad from the next room bellows out “of course he is” so 20 mins later I’m sat in the sauna naked with most of the males in her immediate family.

Everyone is talking and it comes to a silence so the father addresses it with asking me how I met his daughter. I have never had such a nervous conversation in my life!”

23. We’re cool now.

“Met my girlfriend’s Dad after a few months of dating.

Both parents were cool until later in the night and a few bottles of wine later. I got the impression he thought his daughter was too good for me and I was temporary, and kept making jokes about my height (I’m 5’9″, kinda average).

I showed him and married her a few years later. We’re cool now.”

24. Probably not joking.

“17 years old meeting my girlfriend’s large police officer step dad. She gave me a love bite the day before and he spots it as I’m leaving the house. He asks me what it is and trying to laugh it off I say “Oh, I fell down the stairs haha”.

His response was, “You bring one of those into my house again and you f*cking will be falling down the stairs”

Still not sure if he was joking or not… probably not.”

25. Well, that’s over.

“As we were getting out of the car, her parents waiting on the porch to meet me for the first time, she tells me that she is 15, not 18.

I was 20 and in the Army at the time, and she had told them I was 17 and a high school senior.”

26. Psycho Dad.

“My first girlfriend’s father spent a full hour showing me his sword collection before finally looking me straight in the eye and saying “I think it’s clear what I’m saying here.””

Legit had only gone over to play monopoly with her (this was 7th grade) and was so mortified I came up with a fake reason to leave and bounced.”

27. Language barrier.

“I met this Dutch girl in London. A few weeks after we fly to Amsterdam to meet the parents .

We all sat in their flat nodding and smiling . The mum had made an apple pie as big as the coffee table . Neither of the parents could speak English and it was all very uncomfortable. Eight months later we got married.

My new father in law made a speech in almost perfect English. When I asked him how it was possible he said ‘ I knew you were soulmates and I wanted to be able to talk to my new family ‘.”

Okay, amigos, now we want to hear from you.

Have you ever had any bad or uncomfortable experiences when you’ve had to meet your significant other’s parents?

If so, please tell us your stories in the comments. Gracias!