27 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Just a Bit Old

If you ask me, being “old” really isn’t the horrible state of affairs we feared in our twenties. We have a bit of money, we have space of our own, and now that we’re “old,” no one thinks we’re lame if we want to order takeout and binge Netflix every weekend.

If you’re “old,” though – a Millennial or GenX – you’re definitely going to recognize every last one of these 27 pictures.

So please, enjoy your trip down memory lane.

27. And all of the wires, oh my.

We were all experts in computer setup.

Image Credit: Amazon

26. You can feel this woman’s evil in your bones.

In fact, good luck not shuddering right now.

25. What will be drawn next?

The best quiet way to get through a church service.

Image Credit: Twitter

24. You know what cartoon this is from.

It popped right into your addled memory.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

23. Can’t you hear the music in the neighborhood?

You’re humming it right now, aren’t you.

Image Credit: Firaxis

22. This wasn’t always a Dollar Tree.

Right next door to a Pizza Hut, too. The 1980s dream.

The dollar tree used to be a blockbuster.
byu/milkmaid-man inNotFoolingAnybody

21. What’s your order?

I bet you still have it memorized.

20. An artifact from the 90s.

Kool-Aid Burst, anyone?

Found an artifact while gardening… Kool Aid Burst twist-off cap, mid 90s probably? I can almost taste it.
byu/unplugnothing innostalgia

19. He was your first friend.

Here’s hoping he wasn’t your last.

Image Credit: MySpace

18. The fries were so much better then.

What are you trying to peddle, Wendy’s?

When Wendy’s used to be yellow…
byu/Zabboon innostalgia

17. You know exactly what’s going on here.

And you feel their frustration.

16. Name that game cartridge.

That would go for a pretty penny these days.

Image Credit: Nintendo

15. These stairs to nowhere.

How’s your heart?

Image Credit: YouTube

14. You can’t hide a Pizza Hut from us.

It’s burned on our BookIt winner’s brains.

Huntington Learning Center, formerly Pizza Hut
byu/KrispyKayak inNotFoolingAnybody

13. Be kind…

You can fill in the rest.

Image Credit: Amazon

12. Name that app.

The colors now are much catchier.

Image Credit: YouTube

11. Have you ever won big?

So many chances, so little time.

Soda caps that told you immediately if you won or not
byu/Breakingbay innostalgia

10. You know where this chair belongs.

The reboot is ok, but not the same.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

9. Some people have no idea what this is.

Doesn’t that blow your mind?

8. Why was this TV set to Channel 3?

If you know, you know.


7. You spent so much time thinking about yours.

It had to be perfect.

Image Credit: Away Messages

6. You can just about smell it.

Pass the SnoCaps, please.

Blockbuster: the best place to be on a Friday night
byu/kirie-o innostalgia

5. You’re welcome for the anxiety.

Did anyone ever actually win this?

Image Credit: Pinterest

4. Just in case.

We were all legit worried.

Image Credit: Best Buy

3. If you were lucky enough to have a phone at all.

It was probably your parents’ they let you borrow.

Image Credit: Reddit

2. What was this tag attached to?

Yes, we’re all dying to know which one it was.

Image Credit: Facebook

1. RIP Joey.

There’s a headstone out there somewhere.

Image Credit: Died of Dysentery

Ahhhh, those days gone by. I wouldn’t go back, but I also wouldn’t trade them!

Which one of these really hit you in your feels?

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