My ex and I pretended to be dinosaurs a lot, lots of arms t-rexxin and weird noises. It wasn’t all that different from the sex, now that I think about it.


My boyfriend makes our stuffed animals (Mr. Reindeer, Mr. Bear, etc) talk on a regular basis. Each one has a different voice. They generally act stupid and at times say sexually inappropriate things to me. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it gets annoying but it’s our thing. I can’t imagine any normal person understanding this behavior at all.


My husband (a manly-man firefighter) sometimes ties a towel around his neck after showers and runs around saying he’s “Naked Man” and then gropes me vigorously.


We run around the house naked making animal sounds sometimes. It’s not sexual, we just do.


My boyfriend has three scars from a surgery that look like little centipedes. I have given them all names and backstories about their bug lives.


If I’m washing my hands and my husband starts tickling me, I’ll splash handfuls of water onto him and it turns into a huge watery mess by the time we declare truce.


When we’re in the car, one of us will reach over to hold the other’s hand, but instead of it being romantic, we will start to imitate our hands having sex with each other through humping motions, finishing with jerky hand twitches.


My girlfriend very often will bite random parts of me (usually my arms or hands), while going “Angangangang” in rhythm with the pressure of her teeth. I do the same back – it’s a show of affection for us.


Sometimes, when we’re kissing, we just leave our lips pressed against each other with our mouths open like a romantic pair of donuts.