29 People Point out the Biggest Plot Holes in the Actual History of the World

©Flickr,Peter Alfred Hess

This is a fun one: Imagine world history was turned into a TV show. These 29 AskReddit users jumped on this topic and shared what their biggest complaints with the “writers” would be. Very valid points here folks, very valid points.

1. Me neither, man…

That Jesus character was killed off and now he’s back? I don’t get it.

2. Good question

What happened to all these Greek Gods? These all-powerful beings just disappeared? They were some of the most interesting characters!

3. Who’d have guessed?

Wait, so we went from the first airplane to landing on the moon in 66 years? That’s some rushed plot development.

4. Christmas miracle

You’re telling me that on Christmas Day, these soldiers just stopped fighting and hung out with eachother? Then they just went back to fighting the next day? It seems like they just kept the camera rolling on their day off.

5. Terrible writing

A meteor killing off the dinosaurs was obviously a cop out because the author didn’t know where to take the story.

6. Too too perfect

The Nazis, they’re just too perfectly bad. The symbolism, the propaganda, the uniforms, the skulls on the uniforms…too perfect.

7. Plot twist

The Titanic was unsinkable. Then it sunk… Lazy writing right there.

8. Only explanation

For ten thousand years we ride horses, use spells to cure diseases, and more often than not die by the age of two. Suddenly within two hundred years we’re in space, replace limbs, and in general are pretty much indestructible until we’re 80. Aliens?

9. You are

I wish I was playing a bigger role in this movie. It seems like I’m just an extra.

10. Brrr

Nobody would ever actually attack Russia in winter, give me a break.