29 Stories of Technology-Challenged Adults

©Flickr, CollegeDegrees360

I grew up in a technologically advanced generation, so some of these stories just blow my mind. But I’m also sure there will be something I will have to learn when my kids are my age…In the meantime, enjoy these Reddit stories about technologically challenged adults.

1. Mouse moves

I was asked to train up a new colleague and show her the way around the software that we use. I asked her if she uses a computer at home and she says “Uhhh, well…kind of… My husband has one…”

I start showing different bits and pieces, then let her have a go. She pauses for a minute, and then lifts the mouse up to the screen to try and move the cursor.

She’s been there around 6 years. Still refuses to use the computer.

2. Do not pass “Go”

They see an ad banner that warns their computer might be at risk. They click on said banner and download the software, which scans the computer, finds 37 bad things and asks them to pay $$$ to solve the issues. Fortunately, they have the good sense to email their child and ask if it’s legit before handing out their credit card number.

Repeat every few months.

3. Just Google it

“Do you know where the address bar is on your browser?” “Yes. I’m not stupid” “type this in the address bar on your browser then” – sound of typing- “which link do I go on?” – So you’ve managed to google that and not use the address bar at all then? Happens all the time in my job.

4. Extra step

People in my work reporting bugs.

Takes screenshot

Opens Word

Embeds screenshot as object in Word

Emails unviewable 3MB Word document to me instead of 30KB jpeg.

5. You passed “Go”, didn’t you?

“Which one is chrome?” “How do I get to Netflix again?” “Where’s the mouse go?” “But it said to download it and it would make my computer faster!

6. Awww

“Hello yes, my computer is making a beeping noise.”

“A beeping noise, like how many beeps and what pitch?”

“Here let me put the phone up to it.”

“Oh ok, ummmm, that sounds like the noise it makes if someone is holding a button down on the keyboard.”

“Well there’s a book on the keyboard.”

“Hmmmm, try picking the book up.”


“hah! ok have a nice day.

7. Peckers

When they stare at the keyboard and peck at the keys then stare back at the monitor to make sure it’s right after every key. Worst part is when they make a mistake, they delete the entire word and start the pecking all over again. Peckers are the worst.

8. Re-install…again

I re-installed Windows for a friend once. I had the laptop working smoothly before giving it back to her. When I saw her again a few days later and asked how it was working, she told me it had stopped working after she had tried to “install Office” on it. Okay. I asked her for the Office disc that she used. She gave me the Windows disc.

9. Hahahahahah

I work in web development. I had a client once who was just livid — berated me to no end — when I told her I couldn’t take the hyperlinked words from her website, copy them over to her print ad, and still have them function like a link.