3 Simple Tips for Keeping Ticks Away This Summer

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Ticks. Ugh, am I right?

If there is a god and if I manage to meet her one day, ticks are definitely at the top of my wtf is up with that list? Not only are they gross and hard to extract, but they also carry diseases like Lyme that could have negative impacts for the rest of your life.

Which is to say, if you can prevent the little bloodsuckers from getting their heads stuck under your skin, do so at all costs.

And to that end, here are 3 tips that could help keep you and your kiddos tick-free while you enjoy the outdoors this summer.

#3. Wear the right clothes.

If you know you’re going into the woods or other tick-heavy areas, make sure you’re wearing long sleeves and pants, and even tuck your pants into your socks if you can. Light colored clothing is also a plus, because it’s easier to see the dark insects that way.

#2. Don’t skip the bug spray.

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You, your kids, and your animals should all be protected from ticks by sprays or other insect repellents. You can treat your clothes with permethrin, an insecticide that lasts through several washes (some clothing items come pretreated, as well), and then use repellents that contain DEET to protect your exposed skin.

Your outdoor pets should be on a flea and tick prevention medication, as well, and don’t forget to treat your shoes and socks before going out!

#1. Check yourself and others closely when you get back from an outdoor trek.

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This is the correct way, the very best way, to #removeatick. Do NOT twist, do NOT use oils. These procedures can force the tick to regurgitate more into the skin, bloodstream. #themoreyouknow #lymedisease #lymediseaseawareness #coinfections #ticksaredicks

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As soon as you get home, remove the clothing you wore outdoors and check everyone’s skin closely for ticks. Some can be as small as a poppyseed, so look closely, and if you do find one, remove it carefully with a pair of tweezers following the instructions above.

Happy Summer-ing!