3 Small Habits That Can Help You Do Great Things

Photo Credit: Pexels

Suppose you’re working on a huge goal. You want to get straight As, get a raise, or start a new organization.

Or maybe it’s as simple as running a big race.

Photo Credit: Pexels

These things will require planning, discipline, and willpower.

You will want to give up at times, but then you remember your family, friends, and community will be proud once you finally get it done. This gives you the strength you need to continue working toward your new goal.

But how exactly does this happen? Here are 3 simple ways to help.

3. Make Your Success Their Success

When you stop thinking about your own success and figure out how it fits into the bigger picture, then it’s easier to keep pushing through your biggest obstacles.

It’s easier to understand this analogy if you play sports. Team sports instill a sense of community and belonging. Understanding your role and function can help your team work cohesively to obtain victory and success, but only if you all check your ego at the door.

2. Transcend Your Limitations

It’s hard to succeed in the face of obstacles, but it can be done.

Take janitors. People tend to overlook them and take their work for granted.

One study showed that janitors who work at a hospital or clinical setting are more invested in doing a good job if their work is seen as part of a greater purpose—caring for people who are ill.

1. Tie Your Tasks To Service

Even people who have seemingly boring jobs can find more workplace satisfaction if they tie their daily tasks with service.

Retail work and customer service are stressful, but if you have this type of job you can focus on how providing a timely refund or exchange decreases a customer’s unhappiness, or helps them find the right item and feel better.

Whatever your goals, decreasing your ego, seeing your work as part of something larger than yourself, and pushing yourself no matter what can really help you be on your way.

Do you think these tips can truly help regular people reach their goals? Why or why not?

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