30 of the Cutest Treats on the Planet and Where to Find Them

Melissa Hie travels the world eating and snapping pics of street food under the moniker, “Girl Eat World.” Honestly, this sounds like one of the best jobs in the world.

With over 300 super tasty posts, I thought it would be best to focus on the cutest foods she has found thus far.

So, here we go with 30 of the cutest foods on the planet, and where Melissa found them.

#30. London bears are falling down (my gullet).

Tower Bridge in #London, enjoying a cute teddy bear cookie i got from Borough Market

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#29. What is this? A feast for ants?!

#28. Yogurt in a bottle with a straw. Precursor to Gogurt?

#27. A Danish danish.

#26. Wait for the fish to vomit, then eat it.

The next one looks kinda creepy and tasty at the same time…Creep-tasty?

#25. When you want a cookie that looks like a serial killer.

#24. Any kind of waffle is OK by me.

#23. I always see these at the store. I should buy some.

#22. Almost too cute to bear.

#21. Cook those yolks, and eat them, too.

More small and tasty treats after the jump!

#20. You mean schneeball isn’t a game?

#19. Got that macaroon stash on lock.

#WeEatWorld by @ying_jun, Ladurée macaron on top of Zurich. I know macaron is french, but i can't resist this picture. ?? i hope to visit Switzerland someday!

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#18. Time to eat some cat heads.

#17. It’s just a cracker.

#GirlEatWorld 旺旺 Rice cracker by @sceetheworld and @ricardo.rivero at the "Colorful Pool" (五花海) in JiuZhaiGou (九寨沟), China ??. This place is known for its beautiful natural pools. The water is so clear that you can see the tree trunks underneath, and depending on how the sun shines the water changes its colour! Hence the name "Colourful Pools" I suppose 🙂 See ?@sceetheworld? for a picture of the pool and more of her adventures in China! ?⭐️

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#16. More, more, mochi!

We’re halfway. You hungry yet?

#15. This is not a sand dollar.

#14. Balls.

#13. It takes all stripes to feed a hungry traveler.

#12. This really hap-panda-monium… rice!

#11. Don’t count your ice cream before it hatches.

{#WeEatWorld} by @dorene_. Coconut Ice Cream ? at a colorful Floating Market in #hatyai #thailand! Thailand is amazing. I first visited the country in 2010 and loved it so much that I've been back four times since. There is currently a military coup going on in the country, and while I am not well-versed in Thai politics to speak of it, I hope everyone is well and wish for the best for the country that I adore so much! ❤️

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Things get tiny after the jump.

#10. Ignore the ad for the watch.

Hello from Tokyo! This is a doraemon-shaped #taiyaki at a night market in #Shinagawa. I haven't had much time to explore the area but I had to get this! I grew up watching/reading Doraemon manga. He is a huge part of my childhood! My ⌚️ watch is Classy Sheffield by @danielwellingtonwatches. Use code "holiday-girl" for 15% off at danielwellington.com. Starting today, buy a leather watch and get 50% off NATO strap and gift wrapping. Free shipping worldwide! #danielwellington #japan #doraemon

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#9. A savory peanut butter cup?

#8. Insert fish pun here.

Mini taiyaki ? at London's Chinatown… It's a fish shaped bun filled with red bean or cream custard. Except taiyaki is actually japanese! ?????? but when I was in Tokyo i had a hard time finding taiyaki ? thanks @prematechinamurthi for letting me have some of hers! If you ever come around this part if london though, make sure you have the peking duck. I know it made no sense for me to come from asia and then have peking duck in London, but it was SO GOOD #london #chinatown #taiyaki

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#7. An ice cream by any other name…

#6. Kangaroo canapé, jump into my belly.

#latergram More weird meats I ate during this past trip! This is a kangaroo canapé while overlooking Uluru during sunset at the Sounds of Silence dinner that @yhaaustralia sent me to. I'm going to remember this dinner experience for many years to come. How does Kangaroo taste like? Beef! A very lean beef. The animal is so synonymous with Australia that most people probably think Australians ride kangaroos to work, but it's actually not very common to see a wild one in bigger cities like Sydney or Melbourne. I saw a ton of them in the Northern Territories though, especially while camping at Kakadu and Litchfield! One of of our camping grounds were at a farm in Mt Bundy. At night when the light has turned off, we'd hear a single rapid crunching sound on the grass. I was creeped out until we saw one hopping across the entrance of our tent and we realized it was just wild kangaroos hopping about our tent! It is also not very common for Kangaroo meat to be consumed in bigger cities… until recently that is. I was told by my local friends that kangaroo meat has started making its way to grocery stores. Kangaroos are breeding machine – they start at roughly 2 years of age with each pregnancy lasting about 18 months, though kangaroos have the ability to "freeze" embryo development until her pouch is ready / unoccupied by previous Joey (a Kangaroo baby). They breed so fast that a Kangaroo mommy would constantly have one in her belly, one Joey in her pouch and another young one running about. Overpopulation in Kangaroos causes overgrazing and problems with farmers, thus consuming Kangaroos might actually be beneficial. Plus they are cheaper than beef. Last Kangaroo fact: a group of Kangaroos is called a "mob". ???? #SeeAustralia #RestaurantAustralia #NTAustralia #RedCentreNT #ExploreUluru #Kangaroo #GirlEatAustralia

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Top five after the jump. I hope you like cats….

#5. Let the cat out of the bag, (and eat it).

#4. Stop dragon my food around.

{#WeEatWorld} by @sueeva. Kumar Cake 枯麻烧 ? in Xi Tou Monster Village. A very cute place with delicious food according to the photographer @sueeva. The place looks very japanese, but I was surprised to find out this is actually in #Taiwan!

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#3. Hello Marshmallow.

#2. Goodbye doughnut.

#1. Are you fucking kidding me?!

So, how many of the 30 have you tried? How many would you try? Any you wouldn’t?

Source – Girl Eat World

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