30 Officers and the Cases That Still Haunt Them

Every job is hard some days, but some occupations – like an officer of the law – has harder days than most.

I’ve got to think they also get pretty high highs, but those days when things are rough, I imagine they can be absolutely devastating.

Or, as you’re about to read, really scary. Really creepy. Really make you take stock of your life and what it means to live, etc.

Just be prepared before you dive in. That’s all I’m saying.

30. The worst kind of story.

“I recently had an “all available units respond” call for an unresponsive child.

My partner and I have never driven so fast. When we got there, all you could smell was brakes and exhaust fumes from our cruisers.

We entered the house and found the child: a one-year-old boy. We performed CPR. He was transported. He didn’t make it.

It’s hard to be criticized by the media and the general public when these are the things we deal with.”

29. That’s unfortunate.

An elderly man’s daughter rung us to check on her father since she was out of town and had been unable to contact him in a few days.

Arrive at his house and get no answer at the door but can hear running water.

We end up finding an extremely scaly elder-gentlemen dead in the still-going shower.

28. That doesn’t happen every day.

“I’m an officer in a courtroom, so our all-units calls are usually for disruptive spectators (victim and defendant families fighting out arguing) or defendants acting up in front of a judge or whole being taken back to the slammer. Another courthouse nearby had an incident where a defendant produced a blade from his rectum and tried to slash his lawyer’s throat while in the courtroom.

One I was involved in, a guy was a known problem in corrections custody but somehow he got free of them and fought his way into the courtroom I was working in.

It’s the most comforting sight when you make that 10-13 call and in the midst of the melee, you see the small army of uniforms come running in to help.”

27. Nobody wants to see that.

Wellness check called in. Went in – smelled horrible – and discovered a large dead guy, shirtless, sitting in his front room, in a lawn chair watching TV.

He had set up an industrial space-heater behind his chair, which was on at full blast.

Due to the heat, and apparently other factors, he had “merged” through the back of that lawn chair.

26. The worst kind of traitor.

“Had an all units call, it was horrifying, turned out an off-duty cop was drinking and driving and hit three cars on a bridge. It was chaos, many things flew out of the car, belongings scattered everywhere.

He did time, lost his job obviously, stained the department.”

25. That’s definitely not right.

During a search of a s^x offender’s house, I found a room that looked like a little girl’s room.

In the closet I found a 4ft doll in a pink dress.

He had no kids and was in his late 50s.

24. That’ll get people’s attention.

“Retired cop here.

I have more than a few ‘Everyone get here now’ calls in my time. Most stemmed from a large gathering that was starting to turn not so peaceful.

My last major one, we had a b**b that was planted in a car in a parking lot. I needed to clear the lot and the adjacent building.

And then it became an attempt to keep folks out of the area.

That was a tense 12-hours until the device was blown up.”

23. He just couldn’t let go.

Nothing will beat the old lady who passed in her house and the little dog that ate her face.

Literally just the skin from the jaw line to the hair line and from ear to ear.

It left the eyeballs in the sockets.

Just a skeleton in a lady suit, doing the 1,000-yard stare…

22. There’s always one.

“A few weeks ago we had an all-units call because an idiot on drugs decided to call the emergency line and say someone was someone had been shot.

As he was on the phone with a dispatcher, someone else calls in that her home is being broken into.

Guess who broke into her home while he’s ‘still’ on the phone with saying someone’s been shot.

So an officer arrives and goes in to search for the suspect not knowing at the time it was the guy on the phone.

Well, dude runs out, hops in the cop car and tears out! All officers are dispatched along with state officers.

He had a nice joyride and led them on a good chase with a buddy behind him for almost an hour until some state troopers did a maneuver to wreck him when he got on the interstate.”

21. Different strokes.

Family Disturbance call on Christmas Eve 2011, husband vs. wife.

No battery, nobody went to away.. but the house was filled with hundreds of knives and d**dos.

Normal d**dos, little ones, great big horse d**dos, and every kind of mall ninja knife you can imagine.

Every horizontal surface was covered with sharp metal or jiggly silicone. There were even a few new ones under the tree.

After clearing the house, we had to talk to these folks with a straight face for a good 10 minutes.

It was one of the greatest challenges of my career.

20. You don’t expect that…

“I spent 13 months as an officer.

One was during a patrol in the ghetto section, and I spot a car speeding down the street. As soon as I hit my lights, the driver jumps out of the car while it’s in motion and runs into the woods losing a sandal.

The car stopped right before hitting a house and figured that another passenger stopped the vehicle, so called for immediate backup and secured it.

Turned out to be a notorious dealer with priors, and his ladies snitched when he bailed on them.”

19. An unfortunate series of events.

Got dispatched to a call, daughter has tried to reach her elderly mom and can’t make contact.

Made location at the house and received written authorization from daughter to make forced entry at the front door. Asked the daughter to wait by the squad car and had fire department spread the door frame open.

Immediately noticed the smell and began to search the house.

Found the mom in the kitchen laying on open door of the oven. Half of her face and hair were burnt off, and the oven was still on, cooking her.

Apparently, we found out from the daughter, the mother used the oven for heat and had a heart attack, then fell on the oven door.

18. Definitely intense.

“We had a perp trying to take down officers.

He managed to take out a few of us.

He ran and hid in the woods traveling around town behind people’s houses for days.

Businesses and roads were shut down people were told to stay inside.

It was pretty intense.”

17. Spooky inside.

We went to an apartment which was a local drug den. A female we knew called and said the male renter had been beaten, and she had run.

We got there, and the door was bolted shut. I kicked the door over and over again, and it wouldn’t open.

What I found out later is the dope team had done a search warrant on the apartment a couple weeks earlier, and afterward, the tenants had reinforced the door jamb with a metal plate.

It took me kicking the door a total of 22 times before I broke the deadbolt in half, which flew across the room and hit the wall.

We made entry; pieces drawn and started clearing the apartment.

This place was the kind of spooky I have only seen in places where a lot of stuff is done. It was dark, there were swastikas, 666, upside down pentagrams, etc painted on the wall, pictures of faces hung on the wall with the eyes X’d out, and baby dolls with their eyes scratched out into X’s.

As we cleared the first room we started seeing the blood. First on the bed, then a trail on the floor leading into the back room.

We followed the trail of blood down the hall to the bathroom door. In front of the door was the renter’s dog which was shaking uncontrollably and peeing all over the floor, scared out of its mind. As we got closer the dog got really aggressive, because it was scared.

I made my way around the dog and entered the bathroom where I found the renter hunched over in the shower, bleeding from his face, holding his cheeks with his hands.

He was frantically trying to talk, pleading with us not to hurt his dog. Blood was dripping from his mouth, and I couldn’t understand him.

Then I saw the extent of what had happened to him. — His jaw had been dislocated on both sides when he was beat by 2 men with a hammer, and it was just hanging there.

As he was trying to plead with us, he could only attempt to talk by flicking his blood-covered tongue in the pattern of the words, because his jaw didn’t work at all.

16. The ones you can’t name.

“I work as an investigator for the county medical examiner.

The cases that always creep me out are the Jane and John Does, especially the younger ones.

How could a family not report a loved one missing for 10, 20 or 30 years?

Some of these cases are not suspicious so it’s not like the family is worried about going to prison.

We’re looking at forensic genealogy to assist with some of the cases.”

15. We’re all a bit strange.

Get a call for a burglary. I’m doing a walk through with the resident noting all missing and damaged property. He was an older guy.

We are in the bedroom looking in drawers.

I open one and see it full of women’s panties and bras. I ask him when his wife will be home to help identify missing items. He stutters a little bit and finally says, “Uhhh those are mine.”

I just closed the drawer and went on with my investigation.

We are all a little weird bro.

Far be it from me to judge you for wearing pretty underwear.

14. What is wrong with people?

“Worked in forensics 2004-2008, mostly rapes, homicides, and cold cases.

Never forgot one where a baby was injured because a burglar threatened to wipe out the entire family if the parent didn’t do it.

Wasn’t solved before I left and nothing came up on Google (never forgot names).

The idea that someone out there free is that f**ked up or that someone would make that stuff up is so disturbing to me.”

13. That’s a lot of cans.

A dead guy. But not just your average dead guy.

This guy passed on his couch surrounded by no less than 1,500 Miller Lite cans. Plus, he had no friends or family.


He was retired, and his electric bill was auto-deducted from his checking account. He passed, on his couch, and no one realized it for 5 months.

When we found him, the top (front really, because he was on his back) was completely skeletonized. But the bottom (or back, against the couch) was still meaty and rotting.

The half-skeleton was kinda creepy. But its really creepy and sad that this guy left this world and it didn’t affect anyone.

Just gone and forgotten.

12. Hard to let that one go.

“Two girls in their 20s found in a their car. McDonald’s food in their laps. Windows up. Doors locked. No sign of a struggle.

Was my last case I ever worked. 3 years ago. No suspects have been apprehended.

I was an investigator for the medical examiner. My job was to document facts. Not solve the case. Local law enforcement is responsible for the solving.”

11. Brothers gonna brother.

Responded to an altercation between two brothers and another unrelated black male. All these guys were in their late thirties, early forties. Get them separated. They were all inebriated.

Turns out the bigger of the two brothers and the other male were squabbling over who got to have s^x with the other brother.

They had been raping him for a while.

All three were low functioning.

10. The scariest story.

The FBI believes that over nearly two decades a trucker or multiple truckers have been taking women and dumping their bodies along their routes.

In 2004 an FBI wonk notices a trend of bodies being dumped along a commercial trucking route in the south and submits it to a tracking database. Texas analyst picks it up and they find dozens of identical cases.

No leads to this day. No suspects. No convictions.”

9. Unexpected stories.

Abandoned houses are pretty depressing: family pictures and albums collecting dust and decaying, sad stuff written in marker as daily reminders to start again: “get off drugs,” “look for work,” “make things right.”

And, seeing a sleeping-mat comprised of towels and old sweaters in a corner and pizza boxes from Little Caesar’s next to it.

Lots of stuff you see tell a a story you never asked for or expected to find.

Makes me feel lucky to have what I have.

8.  Molly just vanished.

“The Molly Bish case. A 16 year old girl was dropped off for work at the lake where she was a lifeguard by her mom. She was never seen alive again.

This happened in the summer of 2000 in a small town in central Massachusetts, about 30 minutes from where I grew up. I remember seeing missing persons signs all over local business when I was a kid looking for Molly.”

7. Trolls need love, too.

I got called in on a domestic disturbance and when we got there this guy had literally hundreds of those little weird toys.

They were covered in jizz.

6. No hope left.

“A local girl went missing. Whole community got involved. Had a hashtag they painted on car windows and everything, tried like crazy to find her.

The parents still hold out hope, but I’m not convinced they really do, and it’s devastating to watch. I have friends that know the family.

I have 2 young girls, and this is a fear that my job forces me to take home with me, that one day they’ll disappear and that’s it. There are some trafficking hot-spots nearby. A week after that girl disappeared, I told my wife she was most likely already dead.”

5. Don’t leave them home alone.

We were working a scene where two kids had perished after a space-heater caught on fire.

The dad was playing poker down the street and the mom was with some other man down the street.

The fire department came in and cleaned out the scene, and we came in after.

As we were sifting through the ashes to find components to the space heater, we found the two-year-old’s foot.

Mind you, this was after dark, so we could barely see and were using flash lights.

It was a bit creepy.

4. People are the worst.

“Not an investigator but I do CPS / joint investigations.

We’ll never fully know what one little girl went through as she was very young (she’s doing very well now), but she had nightmares for years of a big grey man that would come into her room at night.

Horrible case of abuse…really shook me.”

3. Creepy AF.

Went into a ladies house one time… can’t remember what the call was for… that had sheets of paper taped all over the walls.

They all said something along the lines of,  “Remember, the voices aren’t real.”

Gave me a warm, safe feeling.

2. Think twice about camping.

“All the people going missing in federal parks.

FBI does not track them, guesses are 1,600/yr disappear and some are not found.

It happens at an alarmingly high rate compared to other places.”

1. You don’t forget that.

There was also the dead fat lady with the pug that started eating her, ummm… bottom parts.

Yeah… I’ll never be able to unsee that.

Dealing with human beings can definitely be rough, y’all. Good thing it can be rewarding, too!

If you work with the public, share your similar stories the comments!