31 People Relay the Creepiest True Things They’ve Learned

There are people who love creepy stuff, no matter what form it takes or how they can get that knowledge into their brains. We watch creepy television shows, we read weird books, and we can’t get enough of those true crime podcasts that seem to crawl out of the woodwork on a regular basis.

If that’s you, you’re going to love these 31 entries – some are stories, others are facts, but they’re all 100% certified creepy.

So please, enjoy.

31. At the top of the stairs.

My friend came home from school one day to find that her house had been broken into.

She decided to go inside, and look around whilst she called her mum.

She was done looking at the second floor when she made for the stairs, her mum convinced her to go outside and wait for the authorities (who she had called).

Later on, the officers asked the family if they owned a crowbar, the said they didn’t.

They then said it looks like the offender was still in the house when she got home, and they were waiting at the top of the stairs with a crowbar, which they stupidly left behind when they fled.

30. Nature is sick, y’all.

There is a fungus, Cordyceps, that can actually brain-control insects, forcing them to move to a higher location where they will eventually die and release more Cordyceps spores.

Humans eat them to make them feel better.

Think about that!

29. The woods are dangerous.

A few years ago I was walking through the woods off the beaten track a bit and I smelt this really overpowering sweet smell. Being nosey I pulled back the undergrowth to have a look and found a dead body.

The guy had clearly been there a while and wasn’t looking great, all swollen and green and black with various runny bits. The local wildlife had also been dining well for a few days.

I called the authorities who told me to wait with the body until they arrived. Being in the middle of no-where it took a while for them to arrive and it got dark and I was just sat there in the dark with him for a long time.

It turned out he had committed suicide. For a long time afterward I had dreams about him and he would talk to me and not nice things. Mainly about how he was angry I had disturbed his resting place and he wanted me to kill myself. Probably just my imagination but all pretty disturbing at the time. He still turns up in my dreams from time to time and no doubt will be tonight after typing this…

28. I think that’s what does most of us in, in the end.

Lobsters don’t age, their cells don’t decompose.

They grow so big that they spend more energy to shed than they can reserve.

So… they die of exhaustion.

27. The middle of the night.

My ex-wife and I woke up in the middle of the night to find all our lights out in the house. We had not lost power. The living room light that we always leave on overnight had been turned off. The bathroom night light was removed and placed under the sink.

The computer had been unplugged, and the monitor cord was unplugged and neatly folded on the desk. All of the doors and windows in the house were unlocked, undamaged, and standing wide open. Our bedroom door was open, and the TV we always fall asleep to was turned off.

Nothing was taken. Our cats were both hiding behind the refrigerator and stayed there for most of the next day. Whenever someone came and knocked at the door, our larger cat would start to growl and stare at the door from then on. She no longer does this after we moved.

26. Sounds like a literal nightmare.

A Fire Whirl can go as big as an EF3 tornado.

In 1923, such happened in Japan during an earthquake.

The son of a b**ch wiped out 38,000 people in less than 15 minutes.

25. Keep quiet.

I had awesome parents who let me sleep in the living room on weekend nights when I was very young because my sister was a light sleeper and I could stay up until dawn. But of course, I always end up sleeping on the couch because Nick At Nite made me tried.

So, one night I wake up to the prickly feeling. Like an instinct. Just bolted into a sitting position and stared out the front window. We lived in rural Georgia, so you can imagine the magnitude of trees. In perfect light cast from the moon, I see a silhouette of someone in this f**king tree. The family dog dashes to the window and is snarling into the glass.

Terrified, I run into my parent’s room and try to explain to my parents that there is a strange person outside. Dad grabs something defensive and darts outside with the dogs to beat the wax off the hot head. I tremble in Mama’s arms until Dad comes home and says he saw no one and to go to bed.

I decide to sleep in my regular bedroom. I fill in my sister in as to what happened. Dad is making regular rounds in the house with a cup of coffee. We’re all still and I finally think “I can sleep.”

Nope. I notice the man outside my window. From what I can see in the moonlight, he gives me a shush signal and runs away. Just turns around to run a straight line away.

I swear I couldn’t stop crying for what felt like hours.

24. Eyes. Ick.

Your eyes have a separate immune system from the rest of your body.

If they get damaged in such a way that it affects anything other than your eyes, your regular immune system can attack the damage and will not recognize them, meaning your own body can permanently blind you.

What’s worse, your body cannot tell the difference between either eye.

If one of them gets infected or damaged, your immune system can attack your healthy eye and take away your sight entirely.

23. Coming from inside the house.

This happened to me last summer when I was back at my parent’s house during the holidays. It was around 3am and I was in my room on my computer when I got a call from my sister. Now that was already a little bit weird since my sister’s room is just down the hallway from mine and she could have just came in my room. I went to pick up and the call ended as soon as I reached the phone.

I figured that she wanted to speak with me so I got up and went to her room. As soon as I reached her door, she started screaming that someone was in the room with her so I busted in and of course nobody was here.

After she stopped crying she told me that she woke up and saw a dark shadow just centimeters from her face and that’s when she screamed.

So I told her that she called me, she tell me that her phone is not in her room and that she was sleeping. Sure enough her phone is actually downstairs in her purse. The weird part is that I have the log of her call on my phone but she doesn’t. Never managed to explain this one.

22. I could have gone without knowing that.

Bacteria and viruses can be frozen for millions of years and still be viably infectious, and having never encountered humanity before, could have no end of catastrophic results should they be uncovered and manage to infect a person or animal.

Not to worry though, it’s not like millions of ancient pathogens are currently trapped in permafrost which is now melting bit by bit each and every day…

21. A stroke of lucky instinct.

My grandmother swore by this story till her dying day. It was during the war in London, and my dad was a baby.

She was blitzed out of her house and was staying with a friend. The friend had set her up in a room on the top floor.

Anyway, she was taking my dad upstairs to bed when a figure materialized on the stairs telling her not to sleep in that room tonight.

She quickly went back downstairs and told her friend that she, and my dad, were sleeping in the sitting room that night. Her friend was annoyed but agreed.

That night a one exploded near the house and the roof caved in, right on top of my dad’s cot – he would have been done for.

20. That is so not right.

Over 90% of s**ial ki**ers choose their victims through illicit desire.

In fact, many s**ial ki**ers have been caught because they returned to the body of their victims to masturbate

19. Out of a horror movie.

I used to work for a hazardous materials company that went to different facilities to pack chemicals and dispose of them.

Anyways, we got a call to clean up some chemicals from a mental hospital in orange county ca, near Diamond Bar. The hospital has shutdown but they still use parts of it for helping the blind, which is still pretty freaky pulling up to the place and seeing people walk in a single file line holding each other’s shoulders because they couldn’t see the outside world.

Anyways, the director of the place wanted to take us to the morgue, which hasn’t operated in 40 or so years, to pick up some formaldehyde and some hydrochloric acid that needed to be taken out. now this morgue was straight up out of a horror movie; dark, stainless steel table in the middle of the room with drains for blood, and. big metal wall with doors and individual racks for bodies. also a long creepy hallway.

well we start packing the materials and the director starts looking in the drawers for more waste, when he opens one drawer and inside were bloody latex gloves and a bonesaw all bloody. he quickly shut it and said to us to hurry up and move on.

18. What do you mean “had?”

in 1975 the CIA had a heart attack weapon, it kills people and then the dart denigrates. just imagine what is classified now.

17. Why would anyone hitchhike?

Back in the 70s my grandfather dropped my grandmother, mom, and her 2 sisters off to do some shopping on his way to work. Since he wasn’t able to pick them up, they hitch hiked home. My mom at the time was only around 10 or 11, middle sister would’ve been about 7 or 8 and the youngest was about a year old.

They get picked up by a guy in pick up truck, who has them all sit in the back row with one of them holding the baby. My grandmother was giving directions to their home from the highway, but the guy ignored her and went by their exit claiming he had to make a stop first. Didn’t really say much else to them during the drive, my mom remembers my grandmother being very quiet and very nervous.

Eventually they come up to a farm, driver tells them to wait in the car and goes inside the house. While he’s gone they just sit there terrified, they’re in the middle of nowhere and know they couldn’t make it out on foot. A few minutes later the driver comes out with a second guy who looks into truck and sees my mom’s youngest sister. He starts flipping out, screaming at the driver that he shouldn’t have brought the baby back, they aren’t going to do anything with her and some other things I can’t remember, ends up telling him to get them away from the farm.

Driver gets back into the truck, apologizes, and they get back on the highway and drive again in silence. My grandmother, normally a very smart woman, had him drive directly to their house (although I suspect her reasoning was she’d already given him the address before anything seemed off). They lived at that house for several years and luckily never saw either of them a second time.

16. This is the worst of stories.

Rosemary Kennedy was JFK’s sister. She suffered from oxygen deprivation at birth and that unfortunately stunted her mental growth. She had a pretty decent childhood, but as she grew older she began to act out. Afraid that her behavior would risk his political career, her father, Joseph, agreed to have her lobotomized. Her mother, Rose, was against it and forbade him from doing it. So he did it behind her back when she went on a trip.

After the operation, Rosemary’s already low IQ was lowered even further, to the point she could no longer walk or communicate. Her family had her locked up in an institution and basically disowned her. They never visited and never publicly acknowledged her anymore. Rosemary lived until the age of 86.

Her mother never for gave her husband for what he had done.

15. In a nightmare.

Laying in bed one night, it’s pitch black apart from the light creeping under the door from the landing.

My mum was actually with me in the same room as we had only just moved in and she was sleeping on the floor.

I look up and the door slowly creeks open and slowly an oldish women peers around the door looks at me and goes away. I just thought I was in a nightmare and turned around real fast and went under the covers, hoping I would wake up.

Then I will never forget my mum whispering to me “Did you just see someone peer round the door?”. Safe to say we didn’t sleep a wink that night.

14. A watery grave.

The bottom of lake Superior is cold enough that the bodies of dead sailors just…remain. they don’t really decompose because it’s at freezing temperatures, so they instead get a coating of adiposcere (think that’s how it’s spell) which is liquid body fat, hardened around them.

Gordon Lightfoot wasn’t lying when he wrote “the lake never gives up her dead”

13. I would have to move.

Somebody mailed my friend a bunch of pictures of his wife just going about her day. Some of them were taken through windows of their home.

Authorities were called and everything, but nothing ever came of it. They actually moved because of it.

12. Zombies will happen.

Remember that bath salts cannibal guy from a couple years back?

He wasn’t high on bath salts when he did that. That was just media speculation and bulls**t. They only found pot in his system during the autopsy.

We still have no idea why he flipped out.

11. A strange piece of luggage.

This happened recently, it was midnight, I was at the train station waiting for my train to arrive, and there was this really tall guy walking my way carrying a suitcase, as he came closer I noticed he was struggling to carry the suitcase as it looked rather heavy and oddly enough it was leaking some sort of liquid, not water, but it seemed thicker.

As this guy approaches he orders me to take the bag, the tone of his voice was a little aggressive and he didn’t sound sober, taking a closer look at him, I noticed his covered in dirt up to his face and cuts on his forearms, I said ‘sorry’, struck for words I started to walk away, my train starts to arrive and the guy follows me saying things I couldn’t quite understand, I hop on the train, door shuts, he is outside pointing at me yelling more gibberish, train slowly departs and suddenly punches the window in frustration with his eyes locked on me, relieved I’m on the train, fellow commuters looking at me puzzled with all the commotion of me and that guy. Creeped me out.

10. Who wants to rest easy, anyway?

Elmer McCurdy was a failed old west “outlaw.” His preserved body was put on display in a traveling carnival and years later he was eventually assumed to be mannequin until he was used on set for the TV show the Six Million Dollar Man.

His arm accidentally fell off during the shoot, revealing bone and muscle and that he was a corpse, not a mannequin.

Authorities were called and the mummified corpse was taken to the Los Angeles coroner’s office. On December 9, Dr. Joseph Choi conducted an autopsy and determined that the body was that of a human male who had expired from of a wound to the chest. The body was completely petrified, covered in wax and had been covered with layers of phosphorus paint. It weighed approximately 50 pounds (23 kg) and was 63 inches (160 cm) in height. Some hair was still visible on the sides and back of the head while the ears, big toes and fingers were missing. The examination also revealed incisions from his original autopsy and embalming. Tests conducted on the tissue showed the presence of arsenic which was a component of embalming fluid until the late 1920s

So for anyone wondering how they didn’t know the corpse was real, it was because it was a corpse covered in wax to look like a wax dummy.

9. We’re gonna pass.

Mom walking through a house with a realtor, 3-year-old me in tow. Realtor mentions that the house used to be an orphanage (mom loves old houses, this one had plenty of rooms and old house-y-ness).

About 15 minutes in, 3-year-old me kept asking, “Where’d that little boy go?”

8. Sane or insane?

The Colombian se**al ki**er Pedro Alonso Lopez, who is known as the Monster of the Andes, murdered over 300 girls from Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

However, after he was caught and imprisoned for 18 years, he was put in a psychiatric hospital.

There he was reviewed, declared to be sane and was set free, in spite of his blatant avowal that he fully intends to kill again.

Since he was released in 1998, nobody knows where he is or what he’s doing.

He is supposed to be 71 years old at present. He is known for being the most prolific killer ever.

7. An uneasy feeling.

It happened when I was at a hot spring hotel in South Korea with my siblings. Our room got upgraded to a suite with a tatami room, a double bedded room, balcony, dining area and kitchenette. As we were on the fourth floor, we could see the rice fields from the balcony.

The moment I walked into the room, I had an uneasy feeling that made my hairs on my arms stand on end. I attributed it to the air-conditioning at first. At around midnight, when my siblings and I were midway through our pillow fight in the tatami room, we heard knocking from the wall in the other bedroom. There was no one else in the suite with us. Feeling creeped out, we decided to stop fooling around and sleep huddled together in the tatami room.

That was when we heard tapping coming from the glass doors of the balcony. It was the unmistakable taps of nails on glass. That was when I remembered that there were no trees or branches near our balcony. We totally freaked out and didn’t even dare to walk out to draw the curtains to check. Throughout the whole night, I clutched my jade amulet and prayed.

The next morning, other members (of the tour group that we were in) staying on the same floor mentioned that they had experienced disturbances at night too. The other most notable incident was of an old lady whose blanket kept getting pulled off her bed.

6. A depraved mind.

After assaulting his blindfolded victims, the Golden State Killer would be super duper quiet and pretend like he was gone.

Right when the poor victims would start to move towards the phone or try to untie themselves he would scare the f**king s**t outta them.

5. The same apartment.

After college I spent 3 years working for Servepro.

Mostly cleanup of sewer backup, mold removal, fire damage. If the job was particularly crappy, bonuses started kicking in. Automatic 50$ if poo was involved, 25$ after 6pm, 50$ after midnight etc. F**king hoarders were so shockingly common it was sad, but you got 25$ a day. The big money was bodies. Murder was more than natural unless the body had been sitting for a bit. Suicide was second only to dead kids. Kid suicide was 250$. Mind you the bodies were no longer there it was just site cleaning.

Anyway, I ended up going on three teenage suicides, total. Problem was all were in the same apartment, one in November, two in December. Roughly one year apart. Same f**king apartment. Even with three guys working during the daytime, there was an oppressive creepy dread that was almost physical. Like in your clothes the way campfire smoke lingers.

4.  A non-creepy ghost?

My house is about 160 years old. My parents always talk a out how we have ghosts but I’ve never really given it any consideration, mostly because I don’t really believe in stuff like that. Well recently I had my opinions changed. I was having a really bad day, just one of those ones where for no particular reason the world hates you and you just need to cry it out. I was lying in bed moping like a little b**ch and I felt someone rub my back.

I thought it was my Mom because it was just a warm soft rub on my shoulder like someone trying to gently wake me up. I turned around to ask me Mom when she got home because I thought I was home alone – but there was no one there. I got the strangest goosebumps and got up and walked around to see if there was anyone there. But nope. No cars in the driveway, doors all locked. Just me. I’ve never been able to explain it but apparently the ghost in our house is very friendly.

3. The shadow people.

When I was 15 I had to use the bathroom sometime after midnight. I lived in a 3 bedroom apt then and the bathroom was on the other side of the living room area opposite of where my room was. My eyes hadn’t really adjusted to the darkness yet, but I was able to walk through the living room because there wasn’t any furniture in the way.

After using the bathroom I opened the door and turned off the light and stared into the living room to let my eyes adjust to the moonlight. In the center of the room there was the dark mass that I couldn’t make out and I looked at it for about 5 seconds and just thought it’s my eyes adjusting still. Well I am approaching it I am looking at it and when I walk past it it grabs my waist and I freak out and jerk away and run into my room.

My shirt was stretched from the pulling and I turn on my light and look back into the living room and nothing is there.

Don’t know what it was and I always think about it every now and then when I’m in the dark.

2. Eye see you…

“A patient came to me with an infected eyelid. It was swollen for weeks with no improvement despite being on tons of meds. Nobody thought to flip the lid upside down. There was a visible abscess, so I thought I’d give it a nudge and saw it move!! This wasn’t an abscess, it was something else.

I managed to remove it quite easily in one whole piece. It was a fly larva.

The patient told me that she had a bug hit her in the eye a few days before she got this “infection”. I removed the larva and within two days the wound closed and she was 100% recovered on basic antibiotic eye drops.”

1. No sense of time.

“I had brain surgery roughly 3 years ago.

I lost my concept of time. What felt like 4 months was only 3 days. The amount of physical, mental, and emotional pain I went through was crazy.

I had to find all of my memories and relearn how to walk, talk, everything. If you want to go through something terrifying that is it.”

Unsettling is one word for these facts and stories.

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