31 Times Interviewees Were Asked Unbearably Dumb Questions


Job seeking is hard enough without having to answer ridiculous and unnecessary questions as well. Check out the dumbest questions these AskReddit users ever got asked in an interview.

1. Boundaries anyone?

During the interview, the interviewer wanted me to write down my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram usernames and passwords. I don’t use any of those websites. First she accused me of lying, then brought in another interviewer. After insisting that I don’t use those websites, they asked me to create accounts on all three of those sites and give them the info. I declined because I do not agree with the terms of service for either of the three websites. Then they asked for my cell phone. This was for a summer job working with CAD software. It was the equivalent of a paid internship at $10/hr.

2. Sexist much?

“Would you like…. cry or anything if your work was criticized?” I’m a female engineer and I was applying to a small company with only male employees…. didn’t really want to work there after that.

3. The poop one, for sure

On an online application I was asked “What emojis best describes you.” I just closed out of that tab.

4. Sure! Its okay if I only come in on Fridays right?

“I know the job said full time at X salary, but it’s actually part time at much lower salary. Is that okay?”

Uh, no it isn’t okay. I wouldn’t have even applied if those had been the initial stipulations.

5. Woah, watch out for those wolves…

This probably isn’t that ridiculous but I’m a social worker and I hate when employers ask me what made me want to go into the field. A lot of social workers are motivated by some sort of trauma but I can’t just be like, “72% of my body was devoured by wolves and social workers crawled up through their digestive tract to retrieve my limbs.” Then they’ll probably be like “whoa TMI work on those boundaries also we can’t hire you because what if you have a meltdown every time a client gets eaten by wolves?”

But then if you say something generic like “I just want to help people” then they look at you like you went to a church bake sale once and now you think you’re a humanitarian.

So I don’t know, I really hate that question.

6. Job Requirement – Skip School

Needed a job to pay for college and rent. The manager asked “What are your thoughts on skipping class to help a coworker that called in sick and needed a replacement?” Told them I would not do it. Did not get the job.

7. Uhh Fruit?

“If you were a fruit, what kind would you be and why?” I don’t know. The kind who didn’t get the job because I didn’t know what kind of fruit I am, I guess! And no, this gig had nothing to do with food. It was for a plasma center. (Selling your plasma for cash).

8. But, But, But????

Interviewer: Teach me something I don’t already know

Me: Relevant to the industry?

Interviewer: No, anything you like.

Me: Did you know snakes don’t have noses, only nostrils?

Interviewer: How is this relevant to the job?