32 Gamers Share Their Most Terrifying Video Game Experiences


Calling all gamers! You know that game? The one where you have been playing for hours, days, weeks, months, and all of the sudden, something happens, and you are scared out of your mind. Scarred for life – or at least for the duration of the game.

Reddit asked its users to share those moments, and thus this list was created. Take a look, but BEWARE: You may encounter some spoilers below.

1. Thunder clap

Playing original Diablo and no lie, about to kill Diablo when a loud thunder clap occurred and shut off my power and pc.

2. I’d scream too

I was younger, probably around 12, and at my neighbor’s house. We were playing Super Smash Bros, but neither of us were very good at it. We didn’t know much about the game. Anyway, all of a sudden, the power goes out, leaving the room completely pitch black. And at that same moment, on the screen, “sudden death” appears out of nowhere and we both scream.

3. Cringe and shudder

My little brother told me about the time when a friend of his was looking over his save files for his Playstation. He looked at an over 300 hour almost maxed out save file of Final Fantasy 7 and hit a button. “Do you want to delete this Save File”. My little brother tensed up and said very carefully, “Whatever you do, do not select yes…” the friend said “What, yes?” hits random buttons… and the Save File is gone.

I cringe and shudder just thinking about it.

4. Beginning of the end

Playing games with my son, who’s 8, and we’re playing Rocket League. I always try to give him a chance to win … until a couple of weeks back. He’s up 2-1, I haven’t been easy on him. And as time dwindles away I’m busting my butt, doing my best to tie the score. I always keep it close, but sometimes I let him win, sometimes I win (Kid’s gotta learn how to take a loss, y’know?).

Except … I can’t score. Little dude’s saving shots, keeping the ball away from me, I’m missing hits, everything.

He wins 2-1. He’s all smiles, does a great job treating the win like a loss — meaning not running his mouth or anything. On the outside, I’m smiling, having a good time, but on the inside is a mixture of frustration, proudness, and general what the heck because this is it. The beginning of the end.

5. Horror film

Playing the first Sims game when I was like 9 years old with some friends, I covered a room in rugs because it looked neat. Turned on a fire because it was cozy. Immediately, the whole room was set ablaze like the rugs were soaked in oil, no gradual fire catching like in the Sims 2 onwards. The parents of the family were trapped and died, the kids on the upper floor couldn’t leave the building because the fire was on the way, we couldn’t change to building or shopping or click any commands (not even speed up) because it was banned during fires. My friends and I were horrified and had to watch them die for like, 5 minutes straight until the fire completely died out.

6. Ghost of repairman past

In the first Sims, randomly, the repairman passed away while fixing my dishwasher. From that point forward, every time I called for a repairman, his ghost would come by and fix my stuff.

Wasn’t expecting that at all.

7. Vivid memory

Playing Resident Evil in the dark and seeing that damn dog break through the window!

I can remember everything about that moment.

8. “Gary”

The vault in Fallout 3 where it’s just full of dudes that say “Gary” scared the crap out of me back in the day. Not sure why, was just uncomfortable.

9. Scary is still scary

Going down that ladder in the first F.E.A.R.

Not the scariest moment in gaming, but it was my first horror game.

10. Pokemon

My first shiny Pokemon was a Graveler. It used explode….

11. Sweating the small stuff

At university I would invite my friend around to play Outlast about 1 night a week until it got completed. For the duration of the game I endured all jump scares stoically, solid as a rock. Except one moment where my character was outside and a freaking leaf flew across the screen. Fell off my chair in fright. Since then if it is ever windy on an Autumn day I can guarantee a smart comment from my friend.