32 People Share the Cave Drawings They’d Make to Confuse Everyone If They Could Go Back in Time

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Do you think those cavemen and cavewomen thousands of years ago ever thought that anyone would find their drawings and study them all those years later?

Or were they just bored and killing time between going out on hunts for food? We’ll never know, but here’s one fun question we can all ponder:

“If you could go back in time 10,000 years ago and make a cave painting to confuse everyone in the future; what would you draw?”

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Throw them off a little bit.

“Something really precise as a prediction and then all predictions after something that makes no sense at all.

Like a depiction of 9/11 and then chickens taking over the earth.”

2. What is all this…?

“A map of the world.

Save them some trouble with sailing and would freak them the hell out.”

3. Skate or die!

“Considering that I have zero skills in art, I would probably end up drawing a stick figure riding a skateboard.”

4. Gotta go back in time!

“Binary script it will be nonsense until computers are created, then it will be decoded, it will just say “time travel bitches”.”

5. It will blow their minds.

“The “S” thing everyone drew in middle school but no one knows where it came from.”

6. I can see it now…

“A Dinosaur holding a human by a leash.

Then some kind of human uprising against the dinosaurs.”

7. Many moons.

“The horizon with a few full moons above a setting sun.”

8. Freakin’ out.

“A recreation of the pictures of the atomic bomb going off.”

9. Shrek is your overlord.

“Shrek and it be discovered after the 2nd movie was out in theaters for 2 months.”

10. Like science fiction.


11. Ancient Trekkies.

“I’d draw the Enterprise.”

12. The toilet paper wars.

“I’d draw people fighting wars over toilet paper. People would laugh, then this year the prophecy would come true.”

13. Riding high.

“I would draw a plane or some other vehicles like cars and motorcycles.”

14. Remember that?

“I’d draw a series of pictures representing a boy falling into a gorilla enclosure and a gorilla getting shot and the world freaking the fuck out.”

15. Party time!

“My full name, address, phone number, picture of my house and a meet up date that would be my birthday.

So many people would come to my birthday party :)”

16. Flying high.

“I would paint humans flying around by flapping their arms………

Make people think we lost our ability to fly over time.”

17. Telling the future.

“Not paint, says, I will literally write random names of very known people and specify how they died, like a couple of celebrities or historical people something like this:

King Louis XVI of France: Guillotined on January 21, 1793 in Paris

Adolf Hitler: Killed himself at the age of 56 the 30th of April 1945 in Berlin Germany.

Jeffrey Epstein: Definitely didn’t killed himself.

The list would go on and on like this for dozens of names from various people. Just imagine how much everyone would freak out.”

18. Immortality for all.

“Queen Elizabeth II was here”

Prove she is immortal once and for all.”

19. A fun scene.

“A super detailed mural of space travelers landing and having sex with all the native animals then leaving and broadcasting the result on intergalactic TV.”

20. The Eternal Alliance…

An accurate depiction of the solar system and our position in the Milky Way. Then a symbol somewhere on the other side of the galaxy.

Then some binary code, Latin, and the local runic script or equivalent spelling “If you read this, I have been able to return home. Thanks for the hospitality. We’ll be back for you when you unite as a species and conquered your system. The Eternal Alliance awaits.”

21. The truth is out there.

“Flying saucers and little green aliens being greeted by humans.”

22. Start all kinds of shit.

“A Cell Phone.

Imagine what people would think if they found a cell phone in a cave painting.

It would start a lot of shit.”

23. It’s gonna be sick, bro.

“Three dudes playing hacky sack and giving the “shocker” hand signal while sticking out their tongue.”

24. He will be our savior.

“A picture of Bob Ross.”

25. That would be awesome.

“The little copper plate they put on the space shuttles in case aliens find them.

It’s called the Pioneer Plaque. It’s a simple drawing. It describes humans, atomic structure, our solar system, etc.

It would be crazy if cavemen has that kind of knowledge, let alone coming up with the exact same design.”

26. Not a great year so far…

“Sharks in the sky and giant ass spiders with the year labeled 2020.”

27. This is what you have to look forward to.

“A human with a head on its butt, and a butt on top of its neck.”

28. Rick Roll ’em.

“A QR code that, when used, links you to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Alternatively, a counting system that’s clearly binary and a rough “blueprint” of an Arithmetic Logic Unit (which is in every computer).”

29. Rewriting history.

“I’d draw hitler and write under it “accept this man to your art school” and boom! Live saver.”

30. Oh dear, look at this one.

“Painting of fancy well dressed people sipping champagne and looking at cave paintings.”

31. Sure, why not?

“I’d draw Bender, from Futurama.”

32. Conspiracy theories.

“An alien on a throne surrounded by numerous mysterious structures (such as the pyramids, Stonehenge, etc.) with humans bowing to it. Sure to spark some more alien conspiracies.”

Those responses are pretty hilarious!

What do you think?

What would you draw just to throw everyone for a loop?

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