33 People Discuss What They Will Never, Ever Do

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“I’ll try anything once!”

WRONG! Not these people.

And not me, either. I’m pretty open-minded about most things, but I will never, ever do hallucinogenic drugs. I even felt this way when I was a teenager.

I already know what would happen: I’d freak out, lose my mind, and go insane. So it’s better just to avoid it, right?

AskReddit users admitted what they’ll never do.

1. Don’t ever do it.


I was on morphine after an operation and hated it. I have negative desire to try heroin.”

2. I think you’d have to be crazy.

“Run for office.”

3. It’s not for everyone.

“Give birth.”

4. Just don’t start.

“Smoke a cigarette.

My grandpa smoked 3 packs a day starting when he was 12 years old until he was 50. He then “quit” and only smoked two packs a day. He lived for another decade or so before he unsurprisingly died from lung cancer.

Seeing what he went through in the last few months was enough to convince me to never touch a cigarette. His lungs were so bad, when the doctors diagnosed him the doctor legitimately said, “smoke them if you got them, because you might as well enjoy your last little bit of time.” I wish he could have quit for real in time for it to make a difference.”

5. Don’t want to pass it on.

“Have biological children.

Too many bad genes that I would rather spare someone else from inheriting.”

6. This is amazing.

“Bungee jump.

A broken rubber brought me into this world and I’m sure as hell not gonna let one take me out.”

7. That wasn’t nice.

“Become president, according to my 12th grade English teacher.”

8. A lot of people do this.

“Marry for money

A lot of people asking me why not..because I get approached by rich douches who think I can be bought. I’m not marrying for anything other than love, period.”

9. Nothing casual.

“Be intimate with someone unless I have a genuine emotional connection”

10. That’s a good thing.

“Treat any retail or service employees like garbage.

After working retail I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

11. Just say NO.

“Crack is whack.”

12. It’ll come back to haunt you.

“Never fuck with another lad’s woman.

If she cheats with you, she’ll cheat on you, and vice-versa tbf. That shit will come back to haunt you.”

13. Probably a good idea right now.

“Go on a cruise.”

14. Freakin’ out!

“Hold a tarantula.”

15. Nice work!

“Start drinking again. 101 days sober here. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

16. Not gonna happen.

“Cheat on any of my girlfriends.

I had it happen to me in a bad way in a 4 year relationship and I know the pain, so I vowed to never do that to anyone ever.”

17. Smooth move.

“I will never ever put Nair on my balls again.”

18. Some people shouldn’t even touch it.

“Drink alcohol.

I’ve watched it destroy so many people in my life, and it singlehandedly fueled the ruination of my relationship with my father (he was a drunk all my life).

I will never put my future spouse or my kids or anyone through that.”

19. A terrible idea.

“Meth, not even once.”

20. Not a thrill-seeker.

“Skydive. Fuck that shit.”

21. I agree with this one.

“Live in a city where I have to commute greater than 30 min one way for a job.”

22. No more.

“Have another baby.

We always said we’d be “one and done”, and everything about this experience, from conception to pregnancy to birth and everything after that, has just confirmed this for us.

Childfree peeps, stick to your guns. Even if you are 100% all in, this experience can still break you. I’ve never been more exhausted, my marriage has never been under so much strain, nor our financial future so uncertain…. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m not offended if you call me a “mombie” because it’s the truth.

I don’t regret the one, but it definitely stops here. Even got my tubes tied during my c-section! Fuck that noise!”

23. This is sad.

“Come out to my family. Largely because, as homophobic as they are, I’d rather have a homophobic family than no family.”

24. You might have to someday.

“Poop in a public restroom.”

25. Not for you.

“Believe in a higher power.”

26. I would never do this either.

“Go in tight underwater caves.”

27. No one should do this.

“Lick a toilet for internet fame.”

28. Fighting rich men’s wars.

“Serve in the Army to fight and die for some rich folks.”

29. You’ll never meet Mickey.

“Go to fucking Disneyland.”

30. Stay far away.

“Go back to my ex.”

31. Sounds horrible.

“Times Square on New Year’s Eve.”

32. They’ll catch you.

“Tax fraud, the last thing anyone wants on their ass 24/7 is the IRS.”

33. Metalhead for life!

“Stop listening to metal.”

Well, there are sure a lot of things to add to the list based on those answers.

What about you? What are some things that you will never, ever try in your life?

Tell us in the comments!