34 People Share the Creepy Stories They Still Can’t Quite Explain

As much as we like life to be neat and tidy, it’s just not. Things can get messy, and no matter how badly you want a certain happening or event to have a logical explanation, sometimes it just doesn’t.

Believe me, if these 34 people could figure out a way to explain the things that have happened to them, they would have done it – because these stories are unsettling enough that you’re going to be really happy you’re not the one who has to tell them.

34. A date at Applebee’s.

“I was at Applebee’s when this dude and his date sit down at the table next to us. They launch into bizarre conversation about how shampoo is the government’s way of controlling our minds.

Then he leans in close and whispers something to her. His date shouts, ‘No way!’ Everyone turns and stares, so she blushes and lowers her voice. I, of course, listened.

‘You’re joking…you’re not really Jesus…are you?’ Dude smirked and nodded, and his date looked genuinely impressed.”

33. What they really wanted.

“About 7 years ago I was at my mom’s house (I live next door) and this white car pulls into the driveway. We weren’t expecting anyone so I assumed they were lost and needed directions, and went to the door.

A white woman in her 50s or 60s got out, along with a 9 or 10 year old black girl. Surprised me because I expected the kid to stay in the car if they just needed directions. I open the door and the woman kind of nudges the girl towards me, both with big smiles on their faces. I said hi, what can I help you with? She asked if I was BaggyRaccoon and I said yes. She told me they went to a neighbor’s house looking for me, and they pointed her to our house.

Thy just kind of stared at me expectantly, like I was supposed to know the girl and be happy to see her. When I didn’t react, the woman told me they were here to see the dentist. Uhh… no dentists here. Small ranch style house in a fairly rural neighborhood. No, no dentists here. Not anywhere near us. The woman and the girl just kept smiling. They didn’t look confused. They just kept saying, “are you sure?”

Finally they left and later I asked the neighbor who directed them to our house and she said she never told the woman my name, that the woman asked for me specifically. It’s always kind of haunted me. I really feel like I was supposed to know that girl. Like (if I was a guy) this would be someone trying to introduce me to a kid I didn’t know I had. I honestly started wondering if I was nuts and had given up a child for adoption. It was that strange of a feeling!

My mom firmly believes the girl will come back someday to tell me what it was about, and I think about it frequently. Drives me insane to wonder what they really wanted.”

32. The airport bathroom.

“I was at an airport and had to use the restroom. This was in one of the smaller terminals so there was practically nobody near where I was, except for in the stall next to me.

I was going about my business when all of a sudden I hear this high, feminine giggling coming from the occupied stall next to me. Please note I was in the men’s restroom. So I figure that some random lady got lost and ended up in the wrong restroom.

But then I heard another, deeper voice telling the lady to be quiet.

So I sit there for a moment, wanting to finish up as quickly as possible so I can leave before things get graphic, but I was too late. Suddenly the guy yells: ‘Oh my god, you’re not a woman!’

The stall door banged open and I heard the guy speed out of the bathroom, the girl close behind him. I then took the quickest dump of my life and hurried back to my gate.”

31. A party from the past.

“When I was 12 or so and still living at my parents’ house I woke up in the middle of the night to pee.

I got to the bathroom and heard what sounded like a party going on downstairs. Laughter, music, the sound of glasses being knocked together for a toast…the whole shebang. I thought it was weird that my parents had friends over so late and hadn’t told me, but I decided to go and see who was there. Opened the door to the kitchen and the entire downstairs was completely dark and silent, not even a TV on.

I was thoroughly confused but the strangeness of the situation didn’t really register, so I never told anyone. Years and years later I mentioned this to my dad and he said he had heard “them” too. Turns out there used to be a small public bar in their home, which is over 150 years old. I guess some of the patrons decided to hang out for eternity.”

30. A lot of weird folks.

“I use to work at a factory, and they get a lot of workers in from temp agencies. So there tended to be a lot of weird folks around.

As I was walking back from my lunch break, I pass two guys and accidentally overhear: ‘I can’t help myself. I just want to impregnate the first thing I see.’

My only thought was, ‘Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact.’”

29. A creepy urn.

“When I had my first roommates they got to move in before me. The first thing I saw in the whole house was this creepy urn above the fireplace. My attention was drawn to it so I asked and was told it was my roommates brother who had taken his own life.

That thing had spirits following it…. We would hear doors slamming upstairs, running, it would fall over randomly, and one day we found bright red footprints in the bath tub when everyone had been working. We told her eventually that it had to go and she fought us on it but put it in her car.

She started hearing voices when she would drive and talk to it… It was creepy as f**k.”

28. A whole gaggle.

“It was Friday night, and I was riding the train downtown in Chicago. A gaggle of DudeBros comes on, slightly buzzed, all hooting and hollering about all the tail they’re gonna score tonight and how fall down wasted they’re gonna get.

This goes on for about 5 stops, until this giant Nordic-looking Viking-esque guy gets on with the most disconcerting smile.

All the DudeBros go dead silent as soon as they see him. There’s no interaction between Viking and DudeBros at all for 2 more stops. We get to the North and Clybourn stop, and Viking guy says in a booming jolly voice, ‘WELL FELLAS, I GUESS THIS IS WHERE YOU GUYS ARE GETTING OFF!’ He steps off the train, not even looking back.

And the DudeBros all followed him off the train with their heads hanging down. Everyone looked around for some explanation of what happened. I’m afraid I don’t have one.”

27. The adults wouldn’t believe.

“In the early 1990s i was a child living in the east bay (California) with my parents in a large apartments complex. My grandmother also lived in the complex, and during the day after school, she baby sat me.

In the evenings, my dad would walk me home. It was one such night that we happened to be stopped, he chatting with a neighbor, and myself seated on a bench staring at the sky.

As i watched , a round disc shaped craft, with lights around the edge flew over head. I remember it rotated at flew due east over, and i thought, “so they do look like that!”

I never once alerted the adults. I just sat quiet as a mouse in validated awe.

One of my biggest regrets in life is not pointing it out or saying anything.”

26. Yikes.

“I was traveling in Morocco, and overheard this conversation.

Guy 1: ‘Did you kill him?’

Guy 2: ‘Slit his throat.’

Guy 1: ‘Where did you put the head?’

I ran away and was deeply distressed for the rest of the day, until I realized it was Eid al-Adha.

It’s also called the ‘Sacrifice Feast,’ and it’s the second of two Muslim holidays (the other being Ramadan) celebrated worldwide each year. The tradition is to sacrifice the best halal domestic animals: cow, camel, goat, sheep, or ram depending on the region.

Didn’t overhear murder talk. Close call.”

25. Just say no to the Ouija board.

“Wife bought a Ouija coffee cup from Spirit Halloween. She had it in the toilet seat while she was in the bath tub. After she finished her coffee, the cup got knocked off the toilet seat and disappeared.

After searching for about 10 minutes, I found it under the bed, about six feet from where it fell, with no damage to the cup.

She hasn’t used it since.”

24. A rough couple of seconds.

“I was laying on my couch watching tv and glanced up and noticed a glass of orange juice sitting on a table across the room. I thought, “hmm, that’s weird, I don’t remember pouring a glass of juice”. Then “wait, I don’t even have juice. Someone is in my house and they bought a glass of juice with them!”

Then I realized it was an unlit yellow candle.”

23. She’s not here for you.

“I work in a hospital. I had a very distinct looking patient pass away.

The next day there was a new patient in the room who was very elderly, demented, and close to dying. She stated all the normal close to the end talk but then calmly look to the corner and started asking the empty corner “ who are you, why are you here?.”

I asked her who she was talking too, and she said, “there’s a woman with bright red, curly hair telling me I’m in her room.” The patient who passed the night before matched her description. I backed myself right out of that room.”

22. A chilling screech.

“One of those awesome spring/summer nights, I couldn’t sleep and had the windows open. I was sitting in the living room by one of the windows just enjoying the breeze and decide that it’s an absolutely lovely night, the moon is full, and I’m going to go out in the way back of my yard to my sitting spot to soak in and enjoy the evening if I’m not going to be sleeping.

I took my phone with me for the flashlight. So I’m sitting out there, listening to the breeze, night bugs and quietly burbling creek when I hear this chilling screamy screech that just sends a massive bolt of adrenaline through me.

I fumble my phone out and direct the flashlight in the direction of the woods. I pan it around and there is a set of eyes reflecting back at me. Thoroughly freaked out, I run back in the house. Now I’ve lived in the middle of nowhere in the woods my whole life and I have never heard anything like that in my life. After that incident, I’d hear it from time to time in the middle of the night when we had the windows open. I dub it the soul stealer.

I have no clue what this thing could be. Fast forward to last summer. My husband and I go to his grandparents lake house. We were sitting on the deep screened in porch right as the sun was going down and we see a few deer come right up to the porch almost, a mom and two babies.

We are being super quiet so we don’t scare them but something scares them anyway. Mama throws up her tail and lets loose with…you guessed it…that unholy screech. In all my rural life I’d never heard a deer noise. I didn’t even think they made noise.”

21. Some kind of animal?

“I was tent camping in Yellowstone, it was a campsite with plenty of other campers.

At about 2 am or so I woke from my sleep hearing a crying infant. After about 10 minutes of crying, me being annoyed and trying to get back to sleep, the crying started to move around. Like I heard it coming from the left side of the tent then it shifted to the front, but a bit farther out.

I snapped up and grabbed a flashlight thinking a child had escaped their tent and was wandering around the campsite. Opened my tent and pointed the light in the direction I thought I heard the crying and it immediately stopped. I was like what the heck? Then after about a minute the crying started again 180 degrees behind me and farther away.

I noped back into my sleeping bag, couldn’t get back to sleep for a couple of hours. In the morning I realized it probably was some kind of animal, but who knows.”

20. It does things to your brain.

“This day after a few days of zero sleep.

I saw my cat sitting on top of my dresser at about 4 in the morning.

I couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t move, so I went up to her and petted her for a solid minute until my cat walked into my room.

I had been petting my folded clothes. Love insomnia.”

19. If not a ghost, what?

“I used to work at a restaurant in our towns historic area. Night shift baking bread 2am to noon. Tons of brewers passed from accidents 100 years ago in the buildings.

I don’t believe in ghosts at all. But some nights I’d walk from our kitchen to the dish area, and I’d walk past the line and see someone standing there out of the corner of my eye.

I’d turn to see which one of my coworkers it was, and nobody would be there.

It was spooky .”

18. Hold on to your soul.

“I hadn’t slept for 2 and a half days, was finishing up one of my shifts at work and I started hearing voices and seeing things. It was beyond terrifyIng. Nothing like hallucinations of pictures eyes moving, seeing shadow figures stalking you while saying “he’s to tired to pay attention” and ” we should take his soul now”.

Ahhh the good old days.”

17. A symptom of grief?

“After my father passed I would wake up and see some kind of apparition sitting where the wall connected to the bedroom door. I saw her 3 times.

The first time it was like some eyes hovering over the door. The 2nd time it was a face and nothing else. The 3rd time it was a full body, she looked like a little girl in some kind of frilly dress. She was watching me but didn’t move or say anything. I woke my wife up and she was gone when I looked again.

Never happened again, and we’ve moved house since. I always put it down to grief causing some kind of hallucination but I always get a chill up my spine when I think of it.”

16. A mountain lion?

“I couldn’t sleep one night and was out on my front porch when a huge mountain lion ran down the street.

I live in the city.”

15. Some type of dark energy.

“I used to live in a home my family rented from a family we went to church with. The father of said family was lost when his youngest was 2 weeks old, and he had 4 other kids under 5.

The family moved to another state to be with family after this happened and although he didn’t die in the house, I believe the emotions afterward fed some type of dark energy. When I was going to bed at night I would always feel basically fingers poking my back through my mattress, all over my entire back.

I forced myself to believe it was just my mind, but since moving from that house I have the same bed and it’s never happened to me since. Also one morning I woke up around 5am, the sun had just risen but my entire family was still asleep. I had my bedroom door open and all the sudden, a tall dark shadow figure walked into my room and was coming towards me.

I jumped up and sprinted into my sister’s room across the hall and laid down in her bed, forcing myself to believe I had projected a dream or something. But I could see in my room from my sister’s and I watched the figure come out of my room and come into my sister’s and come around to the side of the bed I was on. I jumped up again and ran out of the room, but kept telling myself I had to just be tripping out, plus I knew my parents would NEVER believe what I had just seen.

I went to the office and got on the computer and turned on a game to distract myself. As the computer was turning on, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I looked up at the crack in the doorway in front of me and saw darkness up to the height of the figure, and then clearly above it.

It clear as day was standing on the other side of the door watching me through the crack. At that point I burst into tears and woke my mom up. This happened 8 years ago and I still get goosebumps when I think about it!”

14. An uneasy feeling.

“About my Grandpa: He lives alone, and was lying in bed one night with an uneasy feeling. He just felt like something was wrong. He’s very hard of hearing, and it was bedtime so obviously he didn’t have his hearing aids in. It was pitch-black dark, and a little windy in the small Georgia town so it had that eerie feel.

Time passes and he felt more and more worried. At one point he felt like someone was in the room with him. He hollared out “Go on! Get!” and sinked down to bed. At this point, he could tell there was a face staring right at him, next to the bed. He pulled the covers up over his head and started praying for God to let him live through the night, absolutely terrified.

About this time he heard the slobbery huff. The bulldog he kept in the basement had somehow got out and was exploring the house. She was a good dog, he just kept her in the basement to keep her from tearing stuff up at night.

To this day he claims he had to decide between strangling the dog and giving her a hug.”

13. Dolls are the creepiest.

“Probably 5 or 6 years ago. My parents have this glass case in our house that holds some China and metal tea pots for decoration. There is a porcelain doll and a musical piano in there as well. The glass case is rarely opened or touched unless they are cleaning the pots to make sure that they don’t tarnish.

On this night it had probably been around 8 months since the glass case had been opened. I remember I woke up between 2:30-3:30 (it was a long time ago but it was super early in the morning) to a noise. It took me a few seconds to become coherent.

When I eventually was fully awake, i could make out that it was the musical piano playing from inside the glass case. Now that’s not that creepy except it needs the key to be turned to play the music, and it played for a solid 30 seconds. Scared the crud out of high school me.”

12. The shadow of a hand.

“When my uncle was a boy, he was having trouble sleeping because it was really hot one night. He walked out of his room and into the living room. It was at this point he noticed the front door was open. Then he saw the shadow of a hand move across the wall, over the couch, clearly attached to someone lying on the couch.

So my uncle shouted “There’s someone in the house!” My grandfather leaped up from the couch and said “Where?!”

Turns out it had been too hot in my grandparents’ room as well, so he had gone to lie on the couch, and opened the door to try getting some air to circulate (this was the late 1950s-early 1960s,so make of that what you will).”

11. Just leave it be.

“My family has lived on the same land for decades, my Dad’s side of the family owns it and my dad always told me never to go down one small trail next to my family’s graveyard.

He always said it made him uncomfortable and that many of our Native American ancestors are believed to be buried there and we should do all we can to leave it be.

I occasionally do yard work around my family’s cemetery and do what I can to keep it clean.

I saw blackberry bushes lining the trail next to the graveyard and it wasn’t long for me to grab a bucket and pick a few, I’m not much of a cook but I can atleast make a good jam with the ripe ones. I walked down the trail and stopped in front of a small opening in the forest canopy on the trail down a semi-steep hill.

For some reason, I was frozen and felt I shouldn’t walk any further and immediately got to my knees and started wailing and crying. I don’t know if it was a panic attack, I felt pretty chill the entire day and I wasn’t thinking about anything that could provoke this feeling. The crying went on and it was those exhausting bouts, punching the ground and screaming for about 7 or 8 minutes.

After I was done, The sun felt incredibly warm and comforting and light wind was soothing. I stood up and walked back home with the berries. Made blackberry jam.

I don’t really know what I felt that day, I didn’t hear or see anything but the feeling was nearly overwhelming but the decompression afterwards was welcomed. Still, I follow my dad’s advice now, There’s something odd about that area and It’s best left to it’s own elements.”

10. The door with the broken lock.

“I was the overnight DJ at an oldies station for a number of years. Just me, shelves full of records, and the glow of the control board. One night while I’m running down the weather, I hear a huge cracking noise in our front room. An inebriated guy with a steel worker’s frame had smashed down our door and was hunting for a light switch.

“Can I… Um, excuse me… Do you need…” I stammered. “Yeah! You! I wanna hear the Beatles!” he yelled as he found the switch. The light took the otherworldliness out of the situation, but it also brought his size into focus. He easily could knock me out in one swing, and he was mad enough to do it.

As calmly as I could make my voice: “Sergeant Pepper, or the White Album?” “Revolver.” He left during Eleanor Rigby, but I played both sides all the way through.

That’s my creepiest moment. Sitting alone at three in the morning with all the lights on, listening to Good Day Sunshine, and staring at the door with its broken lock.”

9. Just a nightmare?

“So when I was 7-8 I was sleeping in a shared bed with my brother at my grandmas home. I remember waking up and looking at the doorway of our room and seeing a silhouette of a thin black figure with long hair and dressed in some kind of weird clothing. I thought it was my aunt and just told her to stop watching us and went promptly back to sleep.

The next morning I asked my aunt why she was watching us, which she denied. My mom told me I had a nightmare and everyone began chalking my vision as a nightmare, until my grandmother confirmed a fact that our neighborhood was actually built on top of an old Native American tribal land who paid the price.

I later looked up images of Native Americans and there is an uncanny similarity to the silhouette I saw that night.

That house did have some weird events other than that: lights breaking, heavy objects falling off bookshelves, and worst yet; a tree that had some god awful thorns and a brood of ants living within it, get pricked by that and you’d have a nasty rash for weeks.”

8. Wild, staring eyes.

“After a few nights the clothes on the dresser, coats hanging, etc begin to resemble demons, monsters, or psycho killers.

It got to the point where they move and changes expression to unnerving smiles with wild staring eyes.”

7. The doors are always closed.

“My fiance and I dog sit for my in laws and their neighbors every few months or so when they go out of town. When we stay at the neighbors house they ask that we sleep in their room because it is close to where the dogs sleep.

The way that their room is set up, the large bed is smack in the middle and a closet door about three feet to the right. When laying on that side of the bed you have a clear view down the hallway, which is fairly long. The first door you encounter when walking from the bedroom to the front of the house is the spare bedroom that they use as an extra closet.

It is important to note that both the spare bedroom and closet door are always closed and the lights off. Every. Single. Time. Well this particular weekend, my fiance (who sleeps on the side closest to the closet) wakes up in a panic, looking around, obviously scared. I ask him what is wrong and he said that he had a nightmare that a man walked out of the closet and then down the hall, partially closing the door behind him.

He said that in the dream he stared at the door for a moment before trying to settle back into bed, only for the door to slowly creak open and two dark hands with long claw like nails gripped the door from the top and side as it opened. We both look to the closed bedroom door and have a little laugh about the absurdity and such and he goes back to sleep, I was not long to follow.

We both woke up early the next morning (that in itself is unnatural) and the closet door and spare bedroom door were both open with the spare bedroom light flicked on. We were creeped out but figured that maybe it was the house settling odd, we couldn’t really figure out the light. The next morning the same thing happens except the spare bedroom door is closed, light on.

We’ve dog sat twice since then but no longer offer to as we’ve had a few more unnerving experiences, like hearing the clear sound of footsteps walking down the hall (wood flooring, you know the sound), only for no one to be there and the other person fast asleep.

Ive got goosebumps just thinking about it. As far as i know, nothing bad ever happened in the home, but I still refuse to spend another night there.”

6. It’s just creepy at night.

“I live in a basically abandoned hotel. Walking around at night you can see into most of the rooms and they ask have mirrors in them.

Several rooms also house cats so those jump at the windows and hiss.

It’s just generally creepy up here at night.”

5. A twist ending.

“I woke up to see a flashlight flickering on in my bedroom. I was awake at once, but terrified, so I stayed still. Then I heard my roommates speak.

Roommate 1: ‘Point the flashlight the other way. He’ll see us and escape!’

The flashlight danced across the wall. That was when I realized they were carrying screwdrivers.

Roommate 1: ‘Quick, stab him!’

Roommate 2: ‘I can’t do it!’

Roommate 1: ‘Ugh, I have to do everything around here.’

I heard a screech.

In my half-woken state, I thought my roommates were planning to kill me. It turns out they had tracked a rat into my room in order to stab it with screwdrivers.

Idiots? Yes. Murderers? Not of humans, at least.”

4. While she was sleeping.

“Ok so this happened to me last summer when I was back at my parent’s house. It was around 3am and i was in my room on my computer when I got a call from my sister. Now that was already a little bit weird since my sister’s room is just down the hallway from mine and she could have just came in my room.

I went to pick up and the call ended as soon as I reached the phone. I figured that she wanted to speak with me so I got up and went to her room. As soon as I reached her door, she started screaming that someone was in the room with her so I busted in and of course nobody was here. After she stopped crying she told me that she woke up and saw a dark shadow just centimeters from her face and that’s when she screamed.

So I told her that she called me, she tell me that her phone is not in her room and that she was sleeping. Sure enough her phone is actually downstairs in her purse. The weird part is that I have the log of her call on my phone but she doesn’t. Never managed to explain this one.”

3. A legit question.

“This not something I overheard, technically, but pretty close.

It happened about ten years ago in Kiev, Ukraine. I was sitting at an Internet cafe, when a young guy sitting next to me asked for help using the computer. I helped him with the browser and opened Google for him. I kept glancing in his direction to make sure he was doing fine, when I saw the words he typed in his search window.

They said: ‘how do you sell a kidney?’”

2. The man in the garden.

“A guy hopped over the wall in my back garden, walked straight up to my window, and stared at me for like a minute. It was obvious that he was extremely in the bottle.

Creepiest part is that I was writing on my laptop and saw him from the corner of my eye, but I was way too freaked out to leave the room.

Felt like an eternity before he wandered off.”

1. Just a friend.

“I was in my early twenties. I had recently moved in with a family friend. He was 50-something. We were not romantically connected in any way. We were just good friends. He happened to have a bedroom suite available in his penthouse apartment. It was luxurious and available, so I took it.

One day the doorbell rang fairly early in the morning. When I looked through the peephole, I saw a familiar face, a friend of my roommate’s.

The man was large and robust. He was severely sunburnt and very fidgety. When I opened the door he rushed in and asked if my roommate was home. Before I could answer, he was already at my roommate’s bedroom door banging frantically.

The man who had made the early visit to our apartment had a loud voice with a strong German accent. This is what I heard….

‘Hey! Wake up. Come on, get up! Just got back from the islands. It was perfect!’ He starts laughing then says, ‘this one was different. You should have seen his eyes when the bullet went in. It was the funniest look I’ve seen yet!’

Okay, to heck with this. I’m outta here! I was trying to quietly rush to my room, but before I could get to the door, the man appeared in my path. He gave me a look that stopped my breathing entirely. Then a huge warm smile appeared on his face as he placed his hands on my shoulders. He shook my body and said, ‘it’s a beautiful morning sweetheart! Have a wonderful day!’ With that, he left.

I never saw the man again. However, later on my roommate did ask if I had heard the conversation. I advised him I had been in the bathroom during the man’s brief visit. I moved out shortly after citing I need to be by myself or around people my own age.”

I mean, even the things people have figured out, I bet they sort of wish they hadn’t. Yikes!

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