4 Fun and Challenging Riddles


These 4 riddles seem as though they should be simple…once you read the answers. Can you figure them out without looking?

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If so, you’re smarter than me!

#1. A man was just doing his job when his suit was torn. Why did he die 3 minutes later?

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#2. I can travel from there to here by disappearing, and from here to there by reappearing. What am I?

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#3. Two convicts are locked in a cell with only a high window neither of them can reach – not even if they stand on each other’s shoulders. They dig a tunnel, only to run into a concrete wall…but still manage to escape the following day. How?

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#4. You have two historical coins: 1 that says “George I” and one that says “George IV.” One is a forgery, but which?

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Turn the page once you’re ready to find out the truth!

#1. He was an astronaut doing repairs on a spacewalk.

#2. The letter ‘T’.

#3. They used the pile of dirt from the tunnel to reach the window.

#4. George I.

A coin wouldn’t be marked “George I” because at the time of the minting there would be no way to know there would be additional Georges.

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