4 Ways HGTV Is Totally Leading You Astray

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Just as doctors despise when patients quote WebMD or Grey’s Anatomy, and lawyers roll their eyes when someone brings up Law & Order (or one of the other 100 million legal dramas), real estate agents are having to bite their tongues and smile when people claim to know what they’re doing because they spend a lot of time watching HGTV.

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Now, I watch a ton of HGTV. Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, House Hunters, Love It or List It – I’ve seen them all (and most of the episodes, too), and I know I’m guilty for thinking that I know about the biz because of it.

Which means I need to check out these 4 falsehoods perpetrated by television dramatizations of house hunting, just the same as the rest of y’all.

So, let’s do it.

#4. You’ll only have to look at like 3 houses before you find “the one.”

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If you’re not a first time home buyer, you likely know this already. My search took months and dozens of tours before a decision could be made.

#3. If everything isn’t exactly the way you want it, keep looking.

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In reality, you’re probably not going to find a house that’s updated to the nines and within your budget, so keep in mind that you’ll probably live there for several years – enough time for you to make changes over time as you can afford them.

#2. Going over your budget is no big deal.

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It really is, and you and your co-buyer (if applicable) should sit down before you even start looking to determine what size mortgage you can afford without struggling down the road. (Just think back to 2009…)

#1. Renovations happen quickly.

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The longest timeline I’ve seen on any of those shows is like 7 weeks to completely overhaul a house from the studs on up. In reality, those types of renovations can take months, or even years. Contractors are just not that into you, I promise.

All of a sudden I’m less pumped about moving later this year. Oh, well.