Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

WTF? Is this a cool album cover, or the last remnant of some ancient civilization? Ponder that one…


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

Wow. From up here, that looks like a dead body next to a set of train tracks and the police investigating it. Wonder what the real story is…creepy.


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

This shot and the remaining photos on this list are from St. Louis, Missouri. While St. Louis definitely has some things going for it, crime is extremely high and there are a lot of parts of town you don’t want to be caught in if you don’t know where you’re going.


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

A lot of boarded-up houses and a little girl’s bicycle give this photo an apocalyptic quality. Looks like the whole place is deserted.


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

It looks like people still live here, but the poverty and neglect are pretty evident. Just across the river in East St. Louis, Illinois is not much better.


Photo Credit: Lifebuzz

This abandoned building appears to be literally sinking into the ground. If you ever drive through St. Louis, you’ll notice how many parts of the city look like an abandoned ghost town.

I hope you enjoyed this trip through the often weird, creepy, and downright scary world we live in. Luckily for all of us, Google Earth is around to capture the odd things we would otherwise miss on a daily basis.


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