5 Behind-the-Scenes Movie Pranks That Totally Nailed the Cast and Crew

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Working on films is long and hard. Endless days, hot and cold weather, annoying co-workers, you name it. So sometimes you need a bit of a break to lighten things up and put a smile on the cast and crews’ face.

These five pranks on movie and TV sets definitely did the trick.

1. Harry Potter Got Fart-Machined by Dumbledore And Snape

With that many kids on a set, you just know there were probably a lot of hijinks. But you might be surprised to find out that the elders of the Harry Potter movies were sometimes the ones behind the on-set pranks. During a campout scene, young Daniel Radcliffe asked that his sleeping bag be placed next to a girl he liked. Veteran actors Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman decided to teach the hot-shot kid actor a lesson, so they put a fart machine in his sleeping bag. They then proceeded to humiliate him in grand fashion. Awesome.

2. Breaking Diapers

Bryan Cranston, practical joker extraordinaire.
Photo Credit: AMC

Bryan Cranston’s character in Breaking Bad was obviously very intense, but, because he is an extremely talented thespian, Cranston can also play the joker. During a very tense scene in the show, Cranston decided to show up dressed as, wait for it, a giant baby. And actress Anna Gunn joined in on the fun. Another time, Cranston produced a pink dildo instead of a gun while filming a scene with his co-star Aaron Paul. On a show like that, I think you need to break the tension once in a while.


3. The Predator Dance Party

Ever wanted to see Danny Glover boogie down with a bunch of Predators? I thought you might. You would think that a tough-guy action film wouldn’t have such goofiness behind-the-scenes, but apparently this one did. During some downtime, the crew filmed a silly music video with a whole bunch of Predators. Looks like fun! (Presumably Glover didn’t end up a Predator meal at the end).

4. Babs Whipped Indy

This one is a little odd. It seems that during the filming of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, director Steven Spielberg decided to play a little joke on star Harrison Ford. During a take, Spielberg had Barbara Streisand step in, dressed as some kind of Nazi dominatrix, and crack the whip on poor Indy. The footage ain’t pretty, but Babs takes it to another level when she passionately kisses Dr. Jones. Too bad this one didn’t make the final cut.

5. Game of Thrones Dance-Off

You know the cast and crew of this epic show need a break once in a while. Just think of all the costumes, set design, and hard work that go into Game of Thrones. While filming a serious scene where Tyrion goes on trial, the actors decided to lighten things up by dancing their way into the Great Hall. The extras even get involved and start clapping. I’m sure everyone had a great time…until the murder resumed.

h/t: Cracked