$5,000 For Your Hair And 4 Other Body Parts You Can Sell For Money

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Did you know that there are a whole bunch of body parts you can sell? We’re not talking about an arm and a leg here, but instead, things that you can sell and still get on with your day (and your life).

Take a look at this list; you might be surprised.

And you might want to make a little extra money!

1. Hair

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That’s right, you can sell your hair. In case you haven’t noticed, the industry surrounding baldness is HUGE, and people are always buying wigs that are made of real human hair.

Long hair that has not been altered by various salon processes is the most sought-after and will get you the most money. The BBC has reported that one 12-year-old girl from was able to sell five feet of hair for around $5,000 dollars.

2. Plasma

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The part of blood that carries blood cells to different parts of the body can be sold for about $30 to $40 per visit. Not the most righteous bucks in the world, but not bad if you’re in a pinch. The process of donating plasma is quite different from giving blood, so read up on it before you go if you decide to do it.

3. Sperm

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If you want to donate sperm, be prepared to go once a week for up to a year if you get approved by a sperm bank. That could mean up to $1,500 extra per month, fellas.

4. Eggs

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If a woman is willing to sell her eggs, she can make some real cash. The process is lengthy and intrusive, but depending on how you feel about injections and invasive exams, the payout could be worth it. An egg retrieval cycle can take up to 3-4 weeks and women can earn over $10,000.

5. Skin

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This is an unusual one because obviously we don’t literally mean you can remove section of your skin and sell them.

Marketing types out there are going so far as to use people’s bodies to advertise products using henna tattoos. Some athletes are being paid up to $100,000 to allow companies to advertise on their skin. Of course, henna doesn’t last forever, but there are some companies that will pay people to get their logo permanently tattooed on their body. That seems a little crazy to me…

People can also make money by selling bone marrow and breast milk as well.