Don’t Put Tortillas In Your Pantry — Here’s 5 Foods You Shouldn’t Put In Your Pantry

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Open your pantry doors and you may just realize you have a serious storage problem.

Stuffed side by side you can often find boxes, jars, cans and everything in between. It’s a mess!

But that’s not what we’re talking about. While your pantry may or may not have sufficient space to store your favorite snacks and cooking staples, that doesn’t mean every item belongs on those shelves.

Here are five foods that should not be stored in your pantry, at least not if you want to maximize their flavor and longevity.


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There’s a major difference between a banana that’s perfectly ripe and one that will squish at the slightest touch. Once your bananas are ready to eat, whatever that means to you, store them in the fridge. Leaving them in the dark in your pantry is a recipe for disaster (or perhaps banana bread).

Whole-Grain Flour

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When it comes to whole-grain flour, it deserves different treatment than its all-purpose cousin. This healthier alternative contains bran and wheat germ, and their oils can turn sour rather quickly. The secret to preserving its freshness is to store it in the freezer.

Fresh Herbs

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Incorporating fresh herbs in your cooking can add not only flavor but also health benefits. But while basil is best stored in your pantry, other greens such as rosemary and thyme need to rent room in your refrigerator. Even softer herbs used for garnishes and extra depth, such as dill and parsley, should be stored in plastic bags in the fridge rather than your pantry.

Opened Red Wine

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A glass of red wine after a long week (or day) of work can relax your weary mind and body. But if you don’t manage to finish the bottle in one sitting, the best way to preserve the wine’s flavor is to re-cork it and stick it in the fridge. The cold temperature slows the oxidation process and ensures that your second glass will be just as refreshing as the first (at least, if you get to it quickly enough…wine does spoil).


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The next time you buy tortillas for Taco Tuesday, make sure to think ahead about where you’re going to store the leftover wraps. Just like bread, tortillas grow mold rather quickly when left out at room temperature for more than a week. Storing them in the fridge will help ensure your crispy quesadilla satisfies your midnight snack craving.