5 Habits You’ll Want To Practice If You Want Hardworking Kids

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There are some qualities that most people would like to instill in their children, and the ability to work hard and see things through to the end is surely one of them.

That said, it turns out that there are things we can do as parents that are just as important to achieving that end result as any inherent personality trait in our kids, so listen up!

5. Never say “because I said so.”


At some point your kids will be out on their own with no one to tell them what to do or how to do it.

Best to start young, and instead of telling them what to do and to do it “because you said so,” talk through the problem and then let them solve it on their own.

That gives them confidence to know that they can do it, and encourages them to work hard to find their own solutions.

4. Don’t complain about work


Don’t complain about your job, working in the yard, doing the dishes, or anything else you wouldn’t want your kid balking at doing because it’s “work.”

Your kids are always, always watching, so make sure you’re modeling how work can be satisfying and fulfilling instead of the opposite.

3. Know it’s a process


Raising a kid is not only a process, it’s a long one.

Just because you’re struggling to get your kid to understand and enjoy the benefits of hard work when they’re 8 doesn’t mean they won’t have learned to do just that by the time they’re 15.

Experts suggest checking in with your kid to see if they can tell you why they’re struggling or giving them a different task.

2. Let your kids struggle


It’s tempting to swoop in at the first sign of a struggle, but if you want your kid to experience the joy of working hard and accomplishing something, you have to resist.

Just be there with plenty of praise once they finish something that was hard for them.

1. Respect your kids’ individuality

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It takes a village and sometimes that village consists of our kids! They may not always want to work in the garden and pull weeds but when asked they rise to the occasion and get it done. We are pretty lucky to have some hard working kiddos. #schoolsoutforsummer2019 #summerwork #farmkidslife ❤️#hardworkingkids #lifelessons #family #familyfarming

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Just because you know what hardworking looks like to you, that doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone.

Try to be as openminded as possible when it comes to watching and listening to your child so that you can gauge their failures and successes on the scale that works for them.

What are some tips you like to help raise a hardworking kid?

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