5 Internet Rabbit Holes That Are Worth Getting Lost in


I do it. You do it. We all do it. You go down an Internet rabbit hole and spend hours upon hours researching one subject because you just never knew there was so much to learn about underwater basket weaving!

My personal current favorite is The Charley Project. It’s terrifying and spooky, especially if you read the stories before you go to bed at night.

Here are 5 more Internet rabbit holes that you might get totally obsessed with.

1. The Worst Thing For Sale

This website features the absolute worst things for sale online! And it’s updated every. Single. Day.

2. Two Weird/Spooky Wikipedia Sites

Photo Credit: Public Domain

These are right up my alley. Wikipedia’s Unusual Articles page is exactly what it sounds like. Weird, creepy, flat-out unusual. Trust me, you’ll get lost on here.

The other is Wikipedia’s Unusual Deaths page. Oh yeah, this is good stuff.

3. The family that couldn’t sleep

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Okay, this is a really weird story. Fatal insomnia? Does it get any more terrifying than that?

Start with the link above and then descend into this creepy rabbit hole.

4. Uncontacted peoples

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

We think we know it all, but we really have a lot to learn about our fellow humans. Like: did you know there are still uncontacted tribes out there that have no idea about modern civilization?


5. Timeline of the far future

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

This page offers an interesting and kind of horrifying vision of what will happen to the world in the future. This stuff kind of makes me want to hide under my bed for a while.

Give these a shot…and I’ll see you in about a month…