5 Items You Should Never Buy from a Dollar Store

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From personal hygiene products to snacks to decorations, there is certainly no shortage of options when you walk into a dollar store.

Bargain buys are the name of the game, but that does not mean that every dollar is well spent. While the price might be intriguing, certain items manufactured for cheap just don’t belong in your basket.

Spending a dollar here or there doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for those on a budget, wasting a few bucks on poor-quality items can be a financial setback in the long run.

So here are five items you should never buy from a dollar store.


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As any home chef can attest, having a set of quality kitchen knives makes a major difference. Whether you are chopping onions, slicing bread or cutting steak, nothing is worse than trying to get the job done with a dull blade.

Unfortunately, dollar store knives are notorious for their cheap construction and disappointing dissecting abilities.

“These [cheap knives] won’t be sharp, and dull knives can be very dangerous,” said money-making expert Andrea Woroch.

So do yourself a favor and invest in a good knife (or two) to get your kitchen cutting duties done.


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Your TV remote will thank you for skipping out on dollar store batteries. While they can help cut down significantly on costs, you’ll pay for your frugality in the end.

Typically, dollar stores stock products that other retailers have liquidated, including batteries.

“[Dollar stores] are not ordering new batteries and pricing them well–they’re taking old stuff off other stores, shelves,” explained online shopping expert Brent Shelton.

Cheap batteries also often contain carbon zinc, which can leak and leave you and your electronic devices powerless.


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When it comes to makeup, you get what you pay for. And if you’re only spending a dollar on lipstick or facial creams, you’re bound to regret going the cheap route.

Shelton cautions shoppers that dollar store makeup likely contains cheaper ingredients that may irritate your skin. It is critical to check the expiration date and ingredient list prior to purchasing.

Believe me, your Instagram will thank you later.


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Gadgets and electronics can make life much more convenient…if they work properly. However, dollar stores routinely stock low-quality electronics that often fall short in terms of reliability, safety and durability.


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Putting together a home improvement kit is a smart idea for quick, easy repairs, but your DIY project could turn into a nightmare if you purchase tools from a dollar store.

Cheaper tools are more prone to breaking, which can also put you at risk for injury. Spend a few extra bucks and head to your local hardware store to invest in tools that come with factory or store warranties.