5 Surprising Facts About Paul Rudd

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Paul Rudd recently turned 50 years old, and even though he looks more like he’s 30, we’re celebrating with 5 awesome facts about the ageless wonder himself.

But let’s face it – any day is a good day to learn a bit more about Paul Rudd!

#5. His role model is Paul Newman.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

During a 2008 interview, Rudd revealed his real life role model is Paul Newman, who he admires for giving so much back to the world before he died.

#4. Paul Rudd isn’t his real name.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Paul was born in New Jersey, but both of his parents are from London. They’re Jewish immigrants who came from Russia and Poland, respectively, and Rudd was formerly Rudnitzky – it was changed by his paternal grandfather.

#3. And his parents are related.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Rudd’s foray into ancestry on Finding Your Roots revealed that his parents are second cousins. He took it in stride, saying “which explains why I have six nipples.”

#2. He read comic books as a kid.

Image Credit: Marvel

He liked Marvel Comics, but he loved Archie and other funny stories – even the British ones like Beano and Dandy that his cousins sent from across the pond.

#1. He’s done Shakespeare more than once.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Many of us were introduced to Paul Rudd in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, but Rudd spent 3 years studying Jacobean theater in Oxford, England before starring in Twelfth Night.

The director there – who was also the director of London’s National Theatre from 2003-2015 – described Rudd as having “emotional and intellectual volatility.”

Here’s hoping I look half that good in 10 years!