5 Rules Disney Park Employees Must Follow

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Disney World is a place where dream comes true.

And while we all tend to focus on the riveting rides and captivating castles, we tend to forget about the driver behind it all: the employees.

Well, cast members, actually.

Working at Disney can be a fantastic career, but it takes much more than a great smile and love of cartoons to be successful. In fact, the company implements some interesting rules that its employees must live by while working.

Act Right

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Terminology matters big time in the world of Disney. In fact, their employees are technically referred to as “cast members.”

That title extends to everyone who works in the park, including characters, ride operators and gift shop salespeople. The concept of Disney is that the park is actually a stage, and we are all engaged in one fantastical show.

Measure Up

Disney has strict height requirements for both its rides and its characters. Specific character roles require a prospective “cast member” to check the all-important height box.

For example, a Disney princess must measure in between 5’4″ to 5’8″. Of course, if you don’t meet the requirement, you could always play a different character.

Take Care of Your Looks

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In order to capture every essence of a character, Disney makes sure its cast members look the part. And I mean down to the whisker.

Women are allowed to have subtle highlights in their hair, but otherwise it must be styled in a classic and natural look. On the other hand, men are forbidden from having long hair and may only have facial hair no longer than a quarter of an inch thick.

Sound Check

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While our favorite Disney princesses and heroes have recognizable voices, you won’t hear a peep from some of the other characters in costume. And that’s done purposefully.

Characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Beast cannot speak while in costume. That can be a challenge for employees, who often are tasked with acting the part for hours without being able to utter a sound.

No Work-Related Social Media

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Playing the part also means maintaining anonymity. Disney employees are not allowed to reveal what character(s) they portray on social media.

And as for backstage sneak peaks? Those are also a no-go in Disney.

Disney employees have to hold up to strict standards, but that plays a large role in why the company—especially its magical theme parks—is such an iconic brand.