Learn How To Fix a Candle With a Buried Wick — 5 Useful Household Skills You Can Learn on YouTube

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Ever felt helpless to fix what should be a simple problem at home? Tired of calling someone to make an easy repair for way too much money?

Well, it’s time to start taking things into your own hands, literally. A simple click can turn you into a reasonable handyman (or woman) in no time at all.

Check out these five useful household skills you can learn from YouTube.

1. How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

Plumbing is one area that can super finicky. Pipes, drains and water can lead to a nightmare of a mess if things get clogged up. And if you’ve ever had to call a professional plumber, you know all too well just how expensive that final bill can be.

Pan the Organizer outlines some foolproof ways to unclog a kitchen sink using basic ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar.

Follow the instructions and watch your problems melt away.

2. How to Remove a Stain From a Couch or Carpet

Nothing is worse than spilling red wine on a brand new couch or carpet. Believe me, you’ll wish you had purchased that extra protection plan from the furniture store. However, Oprah lends us her solution to stain removal. Her secret? Club soda.

So break open a bottle or two and watch the bubbles break down what could have been a very bad situation.

3. How to Fix a Candle With a Buried Wick

Lighting a candle can unleash a wonderful aroma that makes a house feel like a home. Of course, that’s not possible if the wick is buried beneath layers of wax.

According to this tutorial from eHow Home, you can rescue a wick by heating up the candle with a torch or even a hairdryer. By melting the top layer of wax, you’ll be able to access the all-important wick.

Once it’s retrieved, just light it up and let the scent permeate through your space.

4. How to Make a Bed Properly

Coming home to a perfectly made bed can be such an inviting feeling. On the other hand, seeing a mess of blankets and pillows can actually be stressful and far from relaxing.

Pretty soon you’ll be able to tuck corners like a hotel pro. And believe me, you’ll enjoy your afternoon (or anytime) naps much better from the cool, comfortable confines of your perfectly plush bed.

5. How to Repair Drywall

When it comes to household skills, this is one you’re going to want to remember. Whether it was accidental or because your favorite football team lost, there always seems to be a hole in the wall at some point.

Instead of calling and overpaying a professional, you can fix the damage yourself by using some spackle and a drywall knife. This can actually be a fun DIY project and open up your mind to renovating and changing the entire look of a room.

Which of these useful household skills do you think you can master? Are there other essential skills you should know around the house that you can find on YouTube?

Let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comments below!