5 Ways Having a Baby in Your 30s Is Different Than It Is in Your 20s

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I can’t say what it would have been like to have a baby in my 20s, because I was almost 40 when I brought each of my two little boys into the world.

That said, I can personally vouch for half of these – they definitely describe giving birth and tackling motherhood in your thirties!

5. Your tendency to panic decreases.

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By the time you’re in your 30s, you’re definitely more chill and experienced. So you’re probably not going to be running the doctor over every little sniffle, even if this is your first trip around the parenting block.

4. How tired you are increases.

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Okay, fine, maybe you’re not any more tired in your 30s than your 20s, but your ability to rally after sleepless nights definitely takes a hit with age.


3. You tolerate crap less, even from your kids.

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This relates to my now inability to be embarrassed or publicly shamed, but I’m just not bribing a child who is having a tantrum. They can just continue it in the cart while I finish my shopping, and that’s just how it is.

2. You care less what other people think.

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The day I decided I truly didn’t care what random people thought about my decisions and my life was one of the best moments ever – and it happened sometime in my early 30s. I think people in their 20s haven’t lived long enough to lose that self-consciousness, but it’s so much better once you do.

1. You’re a better traveler.

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You’ll need an extra car if you’re in your twenties and doing the first baby thing, but by the time you’ve reached your 30s (and hopefully had at least one chance to travel abroad using one small suitcase) you’ll figure out quickly how little you really need to handle a quick outing (or a longer one).

If you’ve done one, or both, please weigh in in the comments!