5 Ways to Read Books Online for Free

Photo Credit: Pexels

When I was a kid, I could never put a book down. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of adulting has often left me with little time to go to the library or bookstore to find a new novel.

However, technology has made it possible to enjoy the benefits of reading all from the convenience of your own home. In fact, a number of websites, services and companies offer a massive selection of free books online. With a simple click, you can unlock the latest mystery novel or conduct more in-depth research on a subject.

If you’re new to the realm of online books, here are five ways to get the best benefits of no-cost content on the web.

1. The Library of Congress

Visiting the actual Library of Congress should be a bucket-list staple. But you can still enjoy the benefits of this historical archive right from the confines of your desk chair.

For those who love classics, this is the destination for you. There are more than 60 available on a user-friendly platform, including a wide array of classic children’s stories.

If you’re a fan of #ThrowbackThursday, the Library of Congress site should be your No. 1 choice.

2. Google Books

Is there anything Google can’t do?

The innovative tech company offers a comprehensive selection of books online that cover nearly every topic and genre you can think of.

While there are a number of books that don’t fall in the “free” category, you can customize your search to find only those that fall in that category. You better start searching now; this could take a while.

3. Project Gutenberg

Founded more than 50 years ago, Project Gutenberg holds the honor of being the oldest collection of e-books. Of course, I didn’t think the Internet was around back then, but who am I to ask questions?

Project Gutenberg offers more than 56,000 e-books at no charge. The website does ask for donations. And considering their plethora of reading material, that seems like a fair tradeoff to me.

4. BookBub

BookBub is a fantastic way to stay on top of all the latest free e-books available. Once you create an account (which is free), you can select your favorite genres to tailor the results to your liking.

The site offers thousands of free books and even alerts you about major discounts on bestsellers.

Where do I sign up?

5. ManyBooks

They may not offer contemporary novels, but ManyBooks can be your link to the classics. The site has more than 30,000 books that can be downloaded for free.

Like BookBub, it also offers discounts on other e-books.

No matter which service you choose, there are numerous means to find a new novel online for free.