6 Essential Knots People Should Know How To Tie

Photo Credit: Youtube, HowCast

Learning how to tie proper knots can really save your bacon in a survival situation. But it can also help in more normal activities such as camping, fishing, hunting and more. If you want to feel better prepared, or just more able to tie things to other things, here are some top knots to become familiar with!

6. Square or Reef Knot

If you are looking to cinch something tight, this is your best knot. Think of shoelaces, a surgical suture, a rope belt, or a parcel. It can even be used to extend your rope.

5. Clove Hitch

This knot is for simple things. It should not be used in dangerous situations as it could slip. But if you want to use it to hang tools from your belt when climbing heights or even to keep that theater curtain attached to a rod, go for it.

4. Bowline Knot

This one has been used by sailors and climbers for centuries. The great thing is, it will not expand or shrink (even when wet), so you can be totally confident it is secure. Some uses: String up your food to keep it away from bears when camping, tie down an aircraft, or anchor a boat to the dock.

3. The Sheet Bend

Whether you are needing to connect a thinner rope to fat one, or you simply need to tie down that tarp, this will be your secret weapon.

2. Taut Line Hitch

If you are in need of a “functioning” movable knot, this is it! It’s perfect for securing a tent to a peg and so on. Its ability to tighten and loosen makes this an easy-to-use knot.

1. Fisherman’s Knot

Otherwise known as the “lovers knot” this creates “two identical knots with one line.” And is perfect for…you guessed it—fishing.

While there are dozen of other knots to try, this should get you started!