6 Disney Fan Theories You Have To Read To Believe

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Personally, I love when people see things in films and television shows, and even books, that may or may not been put there intentionally by the creators of those things.

It’s how fan theories are born, and if you come up with one that’s super compelling, other people buy into it, too.

These 6 theories have grown beyond that original “what-if,” and once you read about them, you just mind find yourself discussing them on message boards yourself.

6. The rock trolls are the real villains of Frozen.

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According to this theory, Prince Hans was magically manipulated by the Trolls to betray Arendelle because they want Kristoff to marry into the royal family instead of Hans. In the first movie, Prince Hans wanted to kill Elsa, but when one of the guards has a crossbow aimed at her, he saved her.

Why would he do that if he wanted her dead?

The only explanation is that Prince Hans, the first time we see him, is a good guy, but somewhere in the course of the movie, the Trolls magically manipulated him into becoming a bad guy.

5. Carl was dead for the duration of Up.

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According to this theory, Carl is dead all along, and his trip to Paradise Falls is his transition into the afterlife. Going with this, Russell is an angel trying to earn his wings (Wilderness Explorer badge).

Elsewhere, Charles Muntz is a fallen angel hellbent on dragging Carl to the underworld with his hellhounds.

4. Moana dies in the thunderstorm at the beginning of the movie.

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“After that, she only meets gods and mystical creatures for the rest of the movie. She still must complete her journey to return the heart of Te Fiti, and when she does, Te Fiti brings her back to life so she can go back to her tribe.”

3. Ariel and Hercules are cousins.

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It’s never hinted at, but this theory explores how Ariel and Hercules are related when looking at Greek mythology. Ariel’s dad is King Triton, who in Greek mythology is the son of Poseidon. That would make Poseidon Ariel’s grandfather.

In Greek mythology, Poseidon also has two brothers — Hades and Zeus. In Greek mythology and Disney, Zeus is Hercules’ dad, making Ariel and Hercules cousins.

2. The people on the ship in Wall-E resorted to cannibalism.

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“The people were on that spaceship for way longer than planned. The robots control everything on the ship, and the humans have no idea what’s happening.

Plus, you don’t see any plants or animals on the ship, and we don’t know how they dispose of corpses. So since the robots are programmed not to return to earth, they solve the absence of one resource (food) with the excess of another (corpses).”

1. The old lady at the beginning of Ratatouille is the food critic’s mother.

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“In the flashback scene where he eats the ratatouille, you can see similarities of the house from the beginning, her face, and, I think, the bridge.”

I honestly think all of these are pretty plausible, y’all. I’m going to have to do some more reading, though…

Which one of these really spoke to you? Let’s parse them some more in the comments!