6 Former Celebrities with Unconventional New Jobs


Fame isn’t for everyone. Some people embrace the A-list career and decide to make it their life’s work, while others get a taste of life as a celebrity only to change careers.

And that is totally okay.

Here’s a list of 6 people who entertained us to the best of their ability—and then decided to do something very, very different.

16. Barney is now an…ahem…adult masseuse.


David Joyner spent several years as the person inside the Barney the dinosaur costume, entertaining small children everywhere. He is now a tantric sex masseuse for adults.

A different path indeed.

5. Masi Oka now makes awesome video games.


You may have heard the name Masi Oka if you watched the short-lived, but very popular series Heroes. The actor made a bit of a left turn and decided to prioritize writing code for Industrial Light and Magic, a company responsible for some of the work on Star Wars’ prequels. Eventually he started a company, Mobius Digital Games and released Outer Wilds, a game with many fans around the world.

4. Shirley Temple became a diplomat.


Child star Shirley Temple was famously wholesome and cute, but she one day got married and decided to quit acting. She went on to become a formidable diplomate, and President George H.W. Bush made her ambassador to the Czech Republic in 1989.

3. Jon Gosselin is now a DJ.


Jon Gosselin became well-known due to his reality TV series Jon and Kate Plus 8. When the show went under, he attempted to be a male stripper, but that didn’t work out. Then he gave DJing a try, and that appears to have stuck.

2. Adrian Dantley is now a school crossing guard.

One of the most decorated NBA players ever, Dantley, now retired, is working as a crossing guard for children. He got the idea to do this job after he heard a friend’s wife talk about it. He doesn’t make much now, but he did get a sweet health plan from the government out of his job. Dantley says,

“I told my wife, you know what, I don’t care how much money people might think I might have, I’m not gonna spend $17,000 on health insurance.”

Fair point Mr. Dantley.

1. Many celebrities are trying to sell weed (legally).

Photo Credit: Haxan Films

Remember Heather Donahue of The Blair Witch Project? She helped her boyfriend start a medical marijuana farm, though she later stopped this project after a friend of hers got in trouble with the law. Now she mainly writes about weed. Other cannabis entrepreneurs of note include Jim Belushi and Seth Rogen.

Which of these celebs surprised you the most?