6 of History’s Most Memorable Kisses

Image Credit: Rare Historical Photos

You might think this is going to be a smooshy, romantic post but the truth is, there are more kinds of kisses out there – and more reasons behind them – than you might think.

#6. A Royal Kiss

Image Credit: Iconic Photos

Everyone loves a royal wedding, and the kiss that Princess Diana and Prince Charles shared on the balcony after their marriage is burned into the brains of the 750 million people who saw it.

#5. The Kissing Sailor

Image Credit: Wikipedia

For years this iconic photo captured the mood of jubilation and relief that accompanied the end of WWII, but recent controversy and the rise of the #MeToo movement have cast it in a different light. Even though the pictured nurse, Greta Friedman – later said that she never felt assaulted, she also stated in no uncertain words that the moment wasn’t an enjoyable one for her, as the man, the recently deceased George Mendonsa, was a stranger and didn’t speak to her before grabbing and planting the legendary kiss.

#4. A Kiss of Life

In July of 1967, electrical worker Randall Champion was on a utility pole when he touched a live wire that stopped his heart. His co-worker, JT Thompson, performed CPR while Champion dangled lifeless and upside-down, and photographer Rocco Morabito, who was on site capturing images of a worker’s strike, snapped the most famous picture of his career.

Champion lived, thanks to his co-worker’s quick thinking.

#3. A First Interracial Kiss

Image Credit: Wikipedia

In 1968 Captain Kirk (William Shatner) shared a passionate, onscreen kiss with Lieutenant Uhura (Nichelle Nichols). The groundbreaking moment helped boost approval of interracial couples in the 60s, and the show didn’t even experience a dip in ratings from to the people who disagreed with showing the moment on television.

#2. A Political Kiss

Image Credit: Vintage Everyday

There’s an odd (to the West) Communist ritual known as the socialist fraternal kiss, and Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker shared the on-the-lips kiss in October of 1979 – captured by photographer Regis Bossu.

#1. A Kiss of Betrayal

Image Credit: Wikipedia

It’s hard to argue that, when it comes to memorable kisses, the one Judas planted on Jesus of Nazareth to point him out to the guards who would arrest him, tops the list.

Here’s hoping all of your kisses are wonderful and consented to ahead of time!