6 Seemingly Normal People with Real Superhuman Abilities

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You may have noticed that superheroes are all the rage these days. They’re big money at the box office, for sure, but what if someone offered to give you crazy powers in real life? I mean, reading minds or flying would be pretty cool things to be able to do, but you might feel differently if you were, I don’t know, suddenly magnetic or not able to feel the cold.

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Which is something these 6 amazing humans known a little bit about.

#6. Ben Underwood – The (Actual) Batman

Ben was born with bilateral retinoblastoma, a cancer that caused blindness in both eyes by the time he was a child. He continue to play video games and ride bikes, all of the things he did before going blind, by making clicking noises to navigate using echolocation.

#5. Michel Lotito – The Bottomless Pit

He ate anything and everything – from metal and glass to an airplane (it took him two years to eat the airplane). Unfortunately, Lotito passed away in 2007 of natural causes.

#4. Shi Liliang – Jesus?

No word on whether he can turn water into wine, but he can walk on water (it’s slightly more involved than it sounds) – over 400ft across the surface, in fact. He set the standing world record in 2015.

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#3. Liew Thow Lin – Magneto-ish

If an object is metal, it sticks to Liew Thow Lin. Malaysian scientists figured out why – his skin has very high levels of friction, which causes a “suction effect.”

#2. Daniel Browning Smith – Rubberman

The contortionist is the most flexible person in the world, with several Guinness World Records to prove it. He was born with a condition called hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic mutation that can, in more severe cases, cause great pain.

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#1. Wim Hof – The Iceman

He feels neither cold nor heat, and his body temperature and heart rate refuse to be affected even while sitting for prolonged periods in an ice bath. He climbed Everest in shorts and shoes. Really. And he teaches his “superpower” to other people too.

Photo Credit: Instagram, iceman_hof

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