If you’re a lover of riddles, you can find them all over social media – like these 6 from Twitter account @Braintwister, which posts new ones every day (so follow that account to get your daily riddle fix right into your feed)!

If you’re not a lover of riddles, well the 1) maybe you should get with the program??? and 2) this article might not be for you. Alternatively, stick around and you may find yourself becoming a lover of riddles! Wouldn’t that be a fun new change?

Regardless, here they are!

6. Friend and foe.

5. One word only.

4. Mmmm, candy.

3. Fingers and thumbs.

2. Hopefully all of them? Not a huge fan of casual hauntings over here.

1. If only the horse had its own opposable thumbs.

Continue reading when you’re ready for the answers!

Are you ready to go?

Ready to learn?

Ready to win?



6. Wind is my foe.

5. Did you find the word….s?

4. Can you do it in two?

3. What has a finger and thumb but no hand?

2. Ba-dum-ching. Get it, guys? Get it??

1. Untie the equine!

See? Riddles are totally a good time – we knew we’d convert you. And now you have some in your back pocket for next time your in a group of people who are sort of feeling each other out for the first time, and one of you says, “Does anyone know any good riddles?” The answer is yes! You do!

These ones were pretty tough – did you solve them all?


You know what? Don’t worry about it – there’s always tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day…