6 Riddles to Kick off Your Day the Right Way

Image Credit: Pixabay

Or, if you’re reading at night, finish things off with some flair – either way, these 6 riddles are going to make your day/night!

#6. I had a little pear tree…

#5. The animals on the ark.

#4. Neither straight nor crooked.

#3. A lady’s fingers never tell.

#2. Old money.

#1. They’re never right.

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#6. There are a few trees in a garden. On one of them, a pear tree, there are pears. After a strong wind blew, there were neither pears on the tree nor on the ground. Why not?

#5. How many animals of each species did Moses take with him on the ark?

#4. As I went across a bridge I met a man with a load of wood that was neither straight nor crooked. How?

#3. What word describes a woman who does not have all of her fingers on one hand?

#2. Is an older $100 bill worth more than a newer one?

#1. The weather forecast on the midnight news called for continued rain for the next two days, but promised “in 72 hours it will be bright and sunny.” John knew they were wrong – and he was right. How?

Thanks for playing along!