6 Riddles To Tease Your Brain

Image Credit: Pixabay

Everyone loves riddles, and you’ll have to think hard if you want to solve all 6 of these toughies!

6. Spider-y.

5. Haystacks for days.

4. He lost it all.

3. A calendar thief.

2. Building bridges.

1. Five kiddos at play.

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6. How can you leave a room with 2 legs, but return with 6 legs?

5. A farmer has 5 haystacks in one field, and 4 haystacks in another field. If he combines them all in a new field, how many haystacks does he have?

4. An ex-policeman lost his house, his car, and his girlfriend. What did he lose first?

3. What does a thief get for stealing a calendar?

2. I build bridges of silver and crowns of gold. Who am I?

1. There were 5 children in a room. Althea was drawing a picture. Beatrice was playing chess. Charlotte was playing video games. Danielle was reading a book. What was Emily doing?

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