6 Simple Riddles to Kick off Your Day

Image Credit: Pixabay

These 6 riddles look simple, sure, but can you solve them all?

Give it a shot!

#6. What goes through, must come out

#5. Empty head.

#4. The faster I run.

#3. I do all the things.

#2. Don’t poke the beast.

#1. I never ask questions.

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#6. What goes through a door, but never goes in and never comes out?

#5. I don’t have eyes, but once I did see. I once had thoughts, but now my head is empty. What am I?

#4. The more I stand still, the faster I run. What am I?

#3. You can: crack me, make me, tell me, play me. What am I?

#2. Poke me in the eyes and I’ll open my jaws and make a meal of your linens and paper. What am I?

#1. What never asks questions but is always answered?

How’d you do?