6 Things Subway Employees Love… and 10 More They Definitely Don’t

Image Credit: Reddit

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that if you’re traveling and want an alternative to burgers and fries, you’ve probably found yourself standing in line at a Subway.

And even though an Irish court recently decided their bread is more sugar than, well, bread, it turns out people still find plenty to love.

6. Clean up after yourselves, people!

We’re all adults here. Supposedly.

When people leave not only their rubbish but rubbish from other places brought in from subway

5. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Sometimes even teenagers aren’t as bad as they seem.

not all customers are bad from subway

4. People are people.

No matter where they work.

When a regular customer asks if you live at the store because he sees you working there every day from subway

3. A little love goes a long way.

Such a simple.

A customer just left this on a table for me. I was having a really crappy day, and this made my day. from subway

2. Don’t leave anything out.

It’s like being a part of a secret club.

I always cherish the customers that tell me everything in the order you do it in. from subway

1. Tipping is always appreciated.

I mean, it’s money! Come on!

Best tip day I’ve ever had !!!! Usually only get $1-$3 a day from subway

Well, we started on a high note, so let’s head down a more negative path together now…because I mean, it’s Subway.

We had no trouble tracking down 10 things customers do that employees consider less than kosher.

10. Just get it all out of the way up front.

Like everything else in life.

Eat fresh with this fresh meme from subway

9. Like ordering from the Soup Nazi.

These people come prepared.

Ha…ha…ha…. from subway

8. She wants to be the exception.

Her name is Karen.

7. It’s called math, folks.

I know it’s rough.

Anyone else feel this? from subway

6. Because they want you to have to get out everything you’ve put away.

It is the way of the fast food customer.

Why 😭 from subway

5. Because sometimes you need a sandwich at 10am?

I guess maybe you want to take it on a hike or something.

Every time I do a weekend open from subway

4. The one thing they don’t premake.

You know you want the sugar bread anyway.

Happened today during our lunch rush. from subway

3. They don’t know about the spreadable avocado, I guess.

The struggle is real from subway

2. I propose banning all actual phone calls.

Unless there’s an emergency I guess.

WHY from subway

1. How can people make a sandwich so complicated?

It’s bread and meat and cheese, folks!

Devils from subway

It’s hard to argue with most of these, don’t you think?

Tell us in the comments what you would add to both lists!

Please and thank you!