6 Truly WTF Encounters of Celebrities Meeting Each Other

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We all have that friend who’s had an awkward encounter with a celebrity, but you’d think when celebs cross paths with each other they’d be a whole lot more poised and graceful, right?

WRONG! Turns out that celebrities can have some seriously awkward interactions with one another, and they’re often several times more bizarre than anything that happens to us regular folks.

1. Michael Jackson regularly prank called Russell Crowe.

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You read that correctly. Despite the fact that he had a whole ranch with its own private amusement park and zoo, Michael Jackson apparently never forgot one of life’s simplest sources of entertainment: prank calls. But when you’re Michael Jackson, you don’t just call anyone off the street. That’s where Russell Crowe comes in.

After somehow getting access to the fake name Crowe uses to maintain privacy at hotels, the King of Pop – despite never having met Crowe in person – decided to start pranking him at any hotel he was staying at.

He’d use fake voices and bother Crowe with juvenile Bart Simpson-esque jokes, or pretend to be a hotel manager asking Crowe to vacate his room. Once Crowe got sufficiently riled up, Jackson would giggle and reveal himself. It turns out he kind of just wanted someone to talk to…

2. Freddie Mercury dressed Princess Diana in drag and took her to a gay bar.

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One of the recurring issues that the late Diana, Princess of Wales, faced throughout her life was her struggle to maintain privacy. Her every move was rigorously scrutinized, so you can’t blame her for wanting to get away now and then.

In her serialized memoirs from The Sunday Times, comedian Cleo Rocos recalls an episode from 1986 when Diana managed to get a moment of anonymity – with some help from Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

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At the time, Rocos was co-stars with Kenny Everett whom Diana was a huge fan of. Rocos was also neighbors with Mercury, and the four of them were hanging out at Everett’s penthouse one night when Diana inquired what they were doing later.

Mercury and Rocos told her about plans to visit a famous gay hotspot in London, and Diana wanted to join but there was just one problem – there’s no way the public wouldn’t go nuts seeing the Princess walk into a gay bar.

The gang’s solution? Dressing up Diana in an army jacket, leather hat, and mirrored aviator sunglasses to pass her off as a gay male model. Incredibly, the ruse worked! It also never hurt to have Freddie Mercury by her side to hog all the attention.

3. Bill Murray makes a very specific prank call whenever Roadhouse comes on TV.

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The stories of Bill Murray’s eccentricities abound all over the internet. The man brings fun and mischief to basically any moment, including when he’s just sitting around watching TV.

Murray has a particularly hilarious obsession with the 1989 action classic, Road House. Anytime he sees the film is on TV, he has to stop and watch. Specifically because of Patrick Swayze’s love scene.

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You see, the lady in the photo above having a steamy moment with Swayze is actress Kelly Lynch. Besides having the honor of necking with one of the hottest male stars of the 1980s, Lynch is also now married to Mitch Glazer, who wrote the Bill Murray film, Scrooged.

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Now, every time Lynch’s love scene airs, Murray makes it a point to call Glazer and let him know his wife is on TV having pretend sex with a heartthrob. It doesn’t matter where Murray is at the time, or what time of day/night it is.

If that’s not the essence of Bill Murray, I don’t know what is.

4. Marlon Brando recited Pulp Fiction to Samuel L. Jackson.

Samuel L. Jackson has been in some incredibly memorable roles, but perhaps his most iconic on-screen moment is the monologue from Pulp Fiction where he recites the verse from Ezekiel 25:17.

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The problem is that when you have a monologue so memorable, you constantly have fans coming up to you and reciting those lines over and over. So when Jackson heard someone sneak up behind him reciting that exact speech, he was ready to use a few choice expletives to send the fanboy packing… until he saw the fanboy was Marlon freakin’ Brando!

The two actors exchanged pleasantries and Brando insisted Jackson call him sometime. He was happy to oblige, but when he rang the number, he was answered by a Chinese restaurant. Confused, he asked if Brando was available, at which point Brando came to the line. The next time he called, Jackson was greeted by a Chinese laundry service. Turns out, Brando just had a really weird caller ID system.

5. Wes Craven sued Pauly Shore.

The late Wes Craven was a master of horror, but perhaps even he couldn’t have foreseen the terror that having Pauly Shore as a neighbor would turn out to be.

Shore was pretty much the kind of neighbor you’d expect him to be. Craven alleges he spent far too much time and water on maintaining his yard, and filled up his pool and jacuzzi to a point that the weight of it eroded the ground below and caused a mudslide!

Craven sued Shore for property damage and devaluation of his property, as well as emotional anxiety. In a truly bizarre twist, Shore tried to countersue Craven for ignoring his own groundskeeping to the point of causing a second mudslide. That suit was thrown out and Shore eventually settled with Craven for an undisclosed amount and the reparation of physical damages.

6. Bruce Campbell heard Randy Savage gettin’ it on. A lot.

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The late great “Macho Man” Randy Savage was quite a character. One has only to check out some of his bizarre, rambling, strangely philosophical WWE interviews to know exactly what I mean.

Now, most wrestlers tend to abandon their wrestling persona when they hang up the belt. For instance, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is actually really funny and charming in real life. Randy Savage, however, was just Randy Savage all the time – including in bed, as his former “roommate”, actor Bruce Campbell, found out.

Both Campbell and Savage had notable cameos in the 2002 Spider-Man movie, and they ended up sharing a trailer. Problem is, no matter how he tried to avoid it, Campbell seemed to always walk in on the Macho Man’s crazy sex sessions. Savage literally had one scene in the whole film, but any time they took a break from shooting, he’d be back in the trailer, having such loud sex with his girlfriend that it was comparable to the sound of animals fighting.

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