6 Ways to Get Rid of Extra Hangers Without Throwing Them Away

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If you dry clean your clothes often, you likely end up with a surplus of extra hangers on a regular basis. But those hangers don’t have to end up in the trash. Depending on what type of hanger it is, you can find a way to recycle it, Lifehacker reports.

Hangers come in three basic types: wire, plastic and wood. Wire hangers usually can’t go into the recycling bin (unless you live in New York City, where they’re included in the recycling program). Plastic and wood hangers, too, generally shouldn’t go into the recycling.

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However, you can research your city’s curbside recycling program to see whether they do accept any of these types of hangers. If not, you can ask your dry cleaner if they take used hangers. You can also look for an organization that might need them, such as a shelter. If the hangers are from a clothing store, some of them also take their own hangers back for reuse, such as Target (and next time you go shopping, refuse the hangers so you don’t have to deal with this issue).

You may also be able to recycle wire hangers by taking them in bulk to a metal scrap recycling plant.

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Of course, you can always reuse these hangers at home by simply adding them to your own closet — if you have any room.