7 Facts About Hickeys You Probably Don’t Know


If you’ve been a middle school student, chances are that you’ve seen someone with a hickey. Chances are higher that you’ve made fun of someone with a hickey, too, or been on the unfortunate other end of the same sort of teasing.

Hopefully, you’ve grown out of such things by now, but whether you have or haven’t, there are some interesting facts about hickeys that you might want to know! Check them out below:

#7. First up – what exactly is a hickey, anyway?


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Basically, these “love bites” are bruises caused by biting or sucking someone’s skin.

#6. Are you iron deficient?


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Well, if you get a hickey easily and it tends to stay in place for days longer than expected, you might be.

#5. Herpes, anyone?

Oral herpes can be passed from the mouth through open sores, so if a well-meant hickey breaks the skin, you could be in danger of contracting it.

#4. There’s no “cure.”

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No way to get them to disappear sooner, sorry. It’s one of those things you have to wait out – and the only reason to invest in a turtleneck. Ever.

#3. They may not be permanent, but…


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If the bruises are bad/deep enough, they can stick around for weeks or even months. Longer, I’m guessing, than the person who gave them to you.

#2. As far as sex-accidents go…


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These are pretty tame. If immature.

#1. In rare circumstances, they can cause blood clots.


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In 2011, a New Zealand woman got a blood clot in her neck at the site of her hickey. It resulted in a hospital stay, a brain hemorrhage, and it ended up paralyzing her left arm.

h/t: Diply