7 Genuinely Scary Disney Movies

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When you think of Disney, there’s a good chance that scary movies aren’t the first things that come to mind. I mean, sure, there are moments that are scary (for kids) in pretty much every offering, but truly scary movies?

I’m here to tell you that you’re just not remembering right, because they exist.

And here are 7 that could legitimately give you nightmares.

7. The Watcher in the Woods

This movie, based on a 1976 novel, chronicles what happens to a family who moves into a house haunted by a mysterious presence – in this case, Karen, the daughter of the house’s owner who disappeared long ago.

6. Pinocchio


Chances are you’ve largely blocked out the details and remember just the lying puppet with the growing nose – and for good reason. The scene where the bad children are turned into terrified, screaming donkeys before being sold into slave labor is enough to cause serious childhood trauma.

5. Mr. Boogedy

A family movies into an old mansion in a town named Lucifer Falls (I’m guessing it was dirt cheap) and proceeds to be haunted by a few spirits – most notably the title character, who sold his soul to Satan back in Colonial times.

The movie delivers some genuine scares (and plenty of ick), so buckle up.

4. The Black Cauldron


The “most expensive animated feature ever made” (at the time) was a huge, dark fantasy failure. It’s PG rating (as opposed to G) came mostly because of its truly terrifying villain, the Horned King – and he will give you nightmares for days.

3. Something Wicked This Way Comes

This Ray Bradbury classic begins with a drama about two young boys coming of age in a small, Midwestern town. Then things take a seriously messed up turn for the creepy when Mr. Dark and his carnival roll into town, ready to grant some wishes…in a way that makes people wish they’d never wished them at all.

2. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad


For the first hour of these adapted films, you might wonder why it’s on this list at all – but then you’ll watch the final 2 minutes of Sleepy Hollow, when the animators decided to pull out all of the terrifying stops for Ichabod Crane’s flight from the headless horsemen.

1. Return to Oz

I’ve mostly blocked out the memory of this truly disturbing Oz adaptation (though I mean, Oz is pretty messed up, if you think about it), but it begins with Dorothy Gale getting shock treatments to cure her “delusions,” then moves on to animated heads and citizens turned into stone, with some tin men with squeaky wheels for hands for good measure.

It’s a legitimate horror show.

Still not scarier than Fantasia, but I’d say this is a solid list.

Happy movie watching!