7 Odd Inventions You Might Not Realize Exist

Image Credit: Purple

People are inventing new things all the time, many of which are very cool. But when you read about some of the items on this list, you might think…why does the world need that? Just hold your horses, though, and keep digging. Eventually you might find yourself looking up where you can get one of them before this list is over.

#7. The Rejuvenique

Image Credit: Anabel Magazine

Trigger warning: This list is filled with weird-looking masks made to help women improve their appearance (shocker). This one as electrodes and claims to be as effective as surgery in tightening and brightening facial skin.

Plus if you ever decide to become a serial killer, you don’t have to buy a new mask.

#6. A Bamboo Wife

Image Credit: Pikabu

This product, which is made of bamboo and roughly the size of a shorter person, is ideal for people in hot climates. It’s basically a body pillow, but if you hug this while you sleep, air can still flow and cool your skin.

If you’re someone who can’t sleep without spooning something or someone, and there’s no air conditioner in sight, well…this would pretty much be the best thing ever.

#5. This “emotion tracker”

Image Credit: Digital Trends

This mask is made of silicone, and measures how active your facial muscles are. It senses when you’re frowning, smiling, etc and displays different color liquid accordingly. There’s no practical application I can think of for it, but it’s straight out of the future.

#4. A face bra

Image Credit: HowIBecameTexan

Sooooo it’s not technically a bra, but it is designed to lift things that want to sag – your cheeks. And it’s all the rage in Japan.

#3. A nose lifter

Image Credit: Smoda

Now that you’ve got your cheeks handled, what about those unsightly bumps on your nose? Again, Japan has the answer in this, a totally-not-a-torture-device-they-swear called the Nose Lifter. The device works gradually, so you only have to wear it for three minutes a day.

What a relief.

#2. A tiny unicycle

Image Credit: carscoops

This “1-wheeled transporter” made by Honda is super small, can move in any direction and is just all around super cool…for those of you with excellent balance, of course.

#1. A revolutionary seat cushion

Image Credit: Amazon

This thing could change the lives of people who sit all day for their job. It’s made of the same stuff as the Purple mattress you’ve probably seen on television. It relieves back pain, improves circulation and maintains an ideal temperature.

Supposedly. In fact, let’s just tack on that qualifier for all of these inventions: these get a big, fat “supposedly”.