7 People That Could Have Legit Vanished Into Another Dimension

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Okay, maybe I’ve been watching too much Stranger Things, but these 7 people disappeared so completely – no trace whatsoever – that the upside-down seems as likely a culprit as anything else.

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I don’t know about you, but disappearance stories really creep me out. If you’re the same, buckle up…and maybe don’t scroll through this list after dark.

#7. Thelma Pauline Melton

Themla Melton was out hiking with two friends on a relatively easy, familiar trail in the Great Smoky Mountains. Though overweight, Thelma was in good spirits that day and hiked a bit ahead, rounding a bend a few minutes before her companions.

When they rounded the bend, Melton was nowhere to be seen. And she never has been again.

#6. Owen Parfitt

This mysterious disappearance hinges on the fact that Mr. Parfitt, who went missing in the 1760s, was unable to walk or get around on his own. He lived with his sister, who cared for him (a job that included moving him around the house, to the toilet, outside for fresh air, etc). One day, she came to retrieve him from his usual chair on the front porch to find only his coat.

No one in town owned up to moving Owen, and since he was unable to move himself, well. The upside-down?

#5. Martha Wright

In 1975, Martha Wright and her husband Jackson had to pull over in the Lincoln tunnel because their windows were too fogged over to see. While he cleaned the windshield, Martha walked around to do the rear window. When Jackson finished, his wife was just gone.

No other cars pulled over and there was nowhere to hide. Some have suggested that Jackson murdered his wife and invented this cover story, but don’t you think he would have come up with something more believable?

#4. Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer was an OSU medical student out for an evening with his friends. They lost track of him at the bar during the evening, and assumed that he’d simply decided to go home (or had picked up a girl and left without telling them), but when he never showed up or called, they alerted authorities.

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They found no sign of foul play, and the security cameras showed Brian entering the bar that night…but not leaving. Yeah.

#3. Damian McKenzie

10-year-old Damian McKenzie was on a camping trip with about 40 other children when the group suddenly realized he was missing. No one saw him wander off, and no one remembers seeing any suspicious characters while out in the woods.

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They tracked his footprints on a trail until they just stopped – no dogs were able to pick up the scent, either, and his body was never found.

Definitely maybe the upside-down.

#2. James Edward Tedford

In November of 1949, James Edward Tedford left his family in St. Albans, Vermont and headed toward the bus station with plans to return to his retirement home in Bennington, Vermont. No fewer than 14 passengers report seeing Mr. Tedford sleeping in his seat at the last stop before Bennington, and yet when the bus arrived, he was nowhere to be found. All of his belongings were still on the luggage rack but the man was never seen or heard from again.

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It gets even weirder when you learn that his Tedford returned from WWII some years earlier to find his wife completely vanished from their abandoned property.

I mean. She totally came back to get him, right?

#1. Brandon Swanson

Brandon’s story is by far the creepiest of the bunch, and also the one that gets my vote for most likely alien abduction. The 19-year-old was driving home on a night in 2008 when he crashed his car into a ditch. Unable to get it running and back on the road, he called his parents and asked for a ride. They got his location – near the town of Lynd, Minnesota – and set off to pick him up.

His parents found no sign of the car or Brandon near or in Lynd, but finally located the car in a ditch outside Taunton, Minnesota. It’s odd that Brandon gave them the wrong location because he was familiar with the route home, which he drove often.

I would be inclined to guess that Brandon was under the influence, which would explain both the crash and his confusion about the location, but his father was on the phone with him for 45 minutes while they tried to locate their kid, and never reported him sounding off.

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At least, until Brandon suddenly cried, “Oh shit!” and the line went dead.

Authorities thought that perhaps Brandon fell into a nearby river, but after the phone call got cut off, Brandon’s parents tried to call him back repeatedly and his phone kept ringing. So if he did take a dip, his phone didn’t. They never saw or spoke to their son again and, it’s worth noting, his body never turned up in a river, either.

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